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Unlock the potential of your workforce with funded learning. Discover ‘Untapped to Unlimited’ and get the latest free resources here.

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Unlock the potential of your workforce with funded learning. Discover ‘Untapped to Unlimited’ and get the latest free resources here.


Digital, Data & IT

In an ever-advancing world, technology, data, and digital capability is more important than ever for the modern organisation. Our range of apprenticeships, courses and professional qualifications, will help learners and professionals at different stages of their careers attain the skills, knowledge and confidence they need.

Since 2018 we have partnered with BCS The Chartered Institute for IT, with their support we have built our Digital Data and IT apprenticeships to empower professionals to achieve recognised qualifications while gaining valuable work experience.

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How we support you

We help organisations upskill colleagues in key areas across digital, data, and IT – helping them to choose the right development route based on needs, and supporting  learners throughout their time on programme. Organisations will be able to create clear progression routes, promote internally, and increase competitive advantage. 

Within the digital, data and technology industries, it is essential to have the capability and skill needed to support the modern organisations. 


To ensure our candidates are receiving the best support, we ensure that all our specialist trainers are experienced within the relevant field and are more than qualified with knowledge and experience to guide our learners

Our courses and apprenticeships allow you to learn while you work, remain relevant within the industry, gain recognised professional data and digital qualifications, creating various career paths for your future


Professionals can progress their careers through apprenticeships, they will develop their understating of data, their organisation’s technological needs and support in data driven decision making. 

Through our range of apprenticeships and courses you will be able to upskills and reskill as you gain an understanding of the latest technology and data tools.


Working with the best

Learning pathways

We're here to support learners at every stage of their career - whether they're just starting out, or right at the top of their career


Early careers

Level 1-2

Level 1 – 2 programmes are designed for those just starting out in their career or are looking to gain foundational workplace skills and are equivalent to GCSEs.


Entry level programmes are often delivered as free adult learning, sector work academy programmes, or traineeships. However, within our digital, data and IT specialism, we also offer entry level professional qualifications which can be purchased.


Progressing in work

Level 3-5

Level 3 – 5 programmes are for those looking to take the next step in their career and build on existing skills.


Mid-level programmes span apprenticeships, digital skills bootcamps, and a wide range o f professional qualifications. Level 3 qualifications are equivalent to A-levels, with level 4 and 5 equivalent to a foundation degree.


Experienced in work

Level 6-7

Level 6 – 7 programmes are for experienced professionals at a senior level in their career.


Our advanced programmes offer Bachelors or Masters Degree equivalent qualifications alongside a wide range of advance professional qualifications options for the modern data, digital and IT professional



Industry aligned, delivering results

Our programmes are designed to deliver excellence and help learners reach the industry standard and support society's needs


IT executives see the talent shortage as the most significant adoption barrier to 64% of emerging technologies


Data analysis will become the fastest growing digital skills cluster, increasing by an estimated 33% in the next five years.


29% of employers cite high costs as the main barrier to seeking out more data related training for their employees.


80% of our Digital, Data and IT apprentices achieved a Distinction rate for the 2021/22 academic year

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What do our learners and trainers say

Everyone was friendly and very helpful, and did everything they could to help me pass the course



Level 3 Digital Marketing

The course was very good and informative. My tutor was excellent and was more than happy to spend time with learners to help with their progression.



Digital Leadership Bootcamp

I specialise in digital marketing and have over five years of experience within apprenticeships. I joined Babington in 2021 as a Specialist Trainer, and I am enjoying working with learners. A highlight of my role is supporting learners in gaining practical knowledge and watching their skills and confidence grow. Being part of their journey to success is great!

Shelley Saggar

Shelley Saggar

Digital Marketing Specialist Trainer