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We’re celebrating National Apprenticeship Week!  Check out our #NAW2024 hub for all the latest!

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We’re celebrating National Apprenticeship Week!  Check out our #NAW2024 hub for all the latest!

Purpose and mission

About Babington

We exist to develop better futures: For organisations, individuals, and society.

As one of the UK's largest and longest-established apprenticeship and training providers, we're proud to help organisations and individuals unlock their potential, and make skills really work for them.


We believe in better futures for all

  • Founded in 1974, we've been delivering market-leading learning and talent solutions for over forty years.

  • We’re privileged to help individuals unlock their potential and realise the value of their skills and talents.

  • We help build meaningful careers that give individuals security, satisfaction, and purpose – and in turn help organisations and wider industry meet the challenges of a changeable operating environment.

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The big picture

Doing the right thing:
For you, for your business, for society

As a purpose-driven organisation, we’re all about the ‘why’. Babington is committed to developing better futures: for individuals, organisations, and society.

For us that means developing skills and creating opportunity for individuals
and organisations to perform at their very best. We believe in diversity of
thought and the fact that one size doesn’t fit all, so our solutions go the extra mile to be inclusive, tailored, and meet your specific needs.

In the wake of an extraordinary year, we have decided to formalise and strengthen our commitment to growing a sustainable and responsible business that puts benefit to people and society at the heart of its operation:

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Environmental, Social, Governance

Growing responsibly and sustainably

As we build a legacy we can be proud of, not only do we support skills and careers, but we’re committed to leaving the planet in a better place than we found it. That’s why we’ve made the following commitments:

  1. Supporting 50,000 learner achievements by 2027
  2. Carbon neutral by December 2022
  3. Net zero by 2040
  4. Sustainability modules in all learning by 2023
  5. £250,000 in charitable donations

You can read more about our commitments and how we operate below.

View our ESG Report

Meet the people
behind the purpose


As CEO, I lead the business and ensure we are delivering on our purpose to develop better futures for our valued customers, learners, and wider stakeholders.

Jen Bramley

Chief Executive Officer

It's in our DNA

The values we live by

Besides a strong sense of purpose, all our colleagues share a common set of values. These guide our choices and our behaviours, and in turn support the outcomes we deliver to you, our valued customers, learners, and partners. To be part of Babington is to be:

  1. Brave: We challenge the status quo, embracing difference and change.
  2. Caring: We do the right thing, working collaboratively and consistently.
  3. Curious: We are constantly curious, finding new ways to succeed.
  4. Determined: We are accountable, and driven to achieve the best results.
  5. Passionate: We are passionate about delivering excellent outcomes.

Meet the team dedicated to your safety


As Safe and Sound Manager and Designated Safeguarding Lead, I am the appointed person to take lead responsibility for Child protection and the Safeguarding, Wellbeing and Health and Safety of our learners. The Safe and Sound team provide help, support, assistance and guidance to our learners providing safe and effective care enabling our learners to have the best outcomes and a safe space to learn

Phil Lythgoe

Safe and Sound Manager / Designated Safeguarding Lead.


As Health and Safety Officer and Designated Safeguarding Officer, I work within the Safe and Sound Team and am responsible for the Health, Safety and Well-being of our colleagues and learners across Babington, by assisting with support, advice and guidance to make sure we are providing a safe and supported space to work and learn

Aaron Storey

Health and Safety Officer / Designated Safeguarding Officer


As Designated Safeguarding Officer for Babington my role is to ensure to safety and wellbeing of our learners. Ensuring learners have access to support, advice, and guidance in a timely manner throughout their learning journey with Babington

Hannah Rogers

Designated Safeguarding Officer

Want to find out more about the Safe & Sound team? Explore Safeguarding More information
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Putting you first

Our customer promise

Whether you’re a business, a learner, or one of our partners, we’re committed to serving you in a way that is consistent with our values, and puts your success front and centre. We are committed to ensure that working with Babington means your interaction with us will be:

Straightforward and easy.

Quick. We act with speed and urgency to respond to any customer need.

Personalised – we treat everyone as an individual at every interaction.

Built around a guarantee of high-quality products, services, and support.

A relationship of trust. We pride ourselves on integrity and doing the right thing.


and awards

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