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How to motivate and inspire your employees

How to Motivate and Inspire Your Employees

Productive and engaged employees are essential to the success of a company. If your employees aren’t thriving and motivated...

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Business Innovation: Making a Dent in the Status Quo

Business Innovation: Making a Dent in the Status Quo

One of the biggest challenges facing the contemporary organisation is business innovation.  Some organisations thrive on this challenge. Think about the...

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What are the 7 Crucial Quality Management Principles for a Leader?

Anyone who has studied, or is interested in, the topic of Quality Management will know that the field is...

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Admin courses set up to fail leaders

Are Master of Business Administration Courses Setting People up to Fail in Leadership?

I’ll admit at the outset to having, to some extent, a vested interest in opposing the resurgence of the...

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Direction of Travel

Direction of Travel – the Hidden Fuel of Leadership Impact

Unprecedented levels of political uncertainty, economic uncertainty, and insecurity due to the future of our nation’s place in a...

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How to Develop Young Leaders in Your Organisation

Roughly 3 million 16-24 year olds make up the current workforce in the UK. A large portion of these...

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Communication in workplace

Communication in the Workplace

My grandfather used to say, “you’ve got two ears and only one mouth; use them with that ratio in...

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Do you focus on things instead of people?

Do You Focus on Things Instead of People?

In the down-sized and pressurised world of work in 2018, we all face constant challenges in identifying priorities and meeting...

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