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Tuckman - Stages of Team Development

Tuckman: Stages of Team Development

Given that Tuckman’s model of Stages of Team Development was defined more than half a century ago, before the […]

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Do you focus on things instead of people?

Do You Focus on Things Instead of People?

In the down-sized and pressurised world of work in 2018, we all face constant challenges in identifying priorities and […]

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Strategy and strategic planning

Strategy and Strategic Planning

Strategy and strategic planning: Two terms that are used regularly by people in a management role; often people who […]

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Leadership and the concept of choices

Leadership and the Concept of Choice

As a leader, your effectiveness is the result of thousands and thousands and thousands… of choices.
Choices about:

What objectives to […]

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Problem solving strategies that work

Problem Solving Strategies That Work

‘Problem solving strategies that work’ is an extremely popular management search on Google, which is interesting for a variety […]

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5 qualities of a project manager

Project management skills: 5 qualities of a project manager

If you’re thinking about becoming a project manager, you probably want to know what skills you’ll need to thrive […]

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10 Tips For Managing a New Employee

10 Tips for Managing a New Employee

One thing we all have in common: We’ve all had the first day in a new job within a […]

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bad habits of managers in the workplace

10 Bad Habits of Leaders and Managers in the Workplace

In a UK working environment, where such a low proportion of leaders and managers are professionally trained and qualified […]

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