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who wants a public reputation

Who Wants a Public Reputation?

Recent media coverage – frenzy even – about any well-known figure, from celebrities to those holding high office, suggests […]

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Favouritism in the workplace

Leaders: You Are Accused of Favouritism… How Do You Plead?

Most workplaces have seen it at some point. The feeling that a person or group is more favoured than […]

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Models of Change Leadership: Part 2

This is the second part of our blog series on models of change leadership. In part one we looked at Kotter’s […]

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Models of change leadership

Models of Change Leadership: Part 1

Change is a topic which attracts a lot of research, academic thought and especially consultancy, training or ‘expert’ activity.
As […]

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Leadership revolution qualities of modern leaders

A Leadership Revolution: Qualities of Modern Leaders

I often ask a conference or event audience to name great leaders, and the chances are high that they […]

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Leadership style infographic

The Impact of Leadership Style on Organisational Performance

Drawing on research involving nearly 4,000 executives, Daniel Goleman explores the leadership styles that contribute to organisational success in […]

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CMI launch event

Babington and CMI Launch Partnership with London Event

This week saw the official launch of the Apprenticeships Strategic Partnership between Babington Group and the Chartered Management Institute […]

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How to write a business plan

How to Write a Business Plan for a New Business

How to map your stakeholders, define their influence, and weave them into your strategic objectives.

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