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The Babington Accountancy Professional Level 7 Programme, in partnership with Grant Thornton

The Babington Accountancy Professional Apprenticeship, in partnership with Grant Thornton – a professional accountancy programme that leads to a CIMA or ACCA qualification and develops highly valuable leadership skills. With a fresh approach to accountancy qualifications, this new apprenticeship, equivalent to a Masters Degree, can enhance the commercial knowledge, leadership skills and professionalism of your finance team. The programme is also linked to the apprenticeship levy, so you can benefit from it at little or no cost to your organisation. With current overall exam pass rates at 96.5% our team of advisers are own hand to discuss with you all the available training options for this programme.

Our partnerships create a different kind of accountancy training programme

Babington and Grant Thornton combine expertise in training and assessment with commercial insight to create a new approach to professional development. Participants gain industry-recognised qualifications while benefitting from the latest thinking in accountancy practice and the broader role of the finance function.

Grant Thornton’s connections and resources add ‘real-world’ experience to the curriculum, with features including:

  • Buddies – each trainee is paired with a member of Grant Thornton to support their development.
  • Seminars and specialist knowledge – market insights provide a real commercial edge to the course.
  • Networking – experienced professionals help participants make highly valuable contacts.
  • Personal Development – Grant Thornton’s knowledge can help tailor this training to the individuals’ learning objectives.

ACCA qualification leading to Chartered Accountantship

On completion of this qualification the apprentice will become a Chartered Accountant.
Apprentices will follow the full ACCA Qualification syllabus and learn the technical knowledge, skills and behaviours required for the Level 7 apprenticeship standard; this includes business insight, professional scepticism and leadership. Apprentices must also complete ACCA’s Ethics and Professional Skills module so they can understand and apply the relevant ethical standards to their own behaviour.
Learners will focus on the drivers of change that will shape the role future finance professionals will play in your organisation such as digital technologies, increased regulation and stronger governance, globalisation and higher expectations overall. This means they will be fully trained to future-proof your business and add value to your organisation from day one with their professional skills, business acumen and strategic thinking.
On completion of the ACCA apprenticeship, the learner will achieve ACCA chartered certified status and the option to work towards professional membership to the ACCA.

CIMA qualification leading to Chartered Management Accountantship

Completing this qualification means the learner can become a Chartered Management Accountant.
As accountants in business, Management Accountants need to understand how businesses operate, how they are managed, how people work together and how strategy is formulated.
They also need to be able to provide the analysis which managers need to understand the economics of a businesses’ operations, to manage performance and to manage risk. These capabilities are in addition to the core technical financial accounting skills expected of a professional accountant
The qualification is broken down into 4 levels and is structured around 3 pillars that work across all levels. The levels being: certificate, operational, management and strategic with the pillars running through the levels being enterprise, financial and performance.
On completion of the CIMA Professional Qualification, the learner will be awarded the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation, recognising their value and showcasing their professionalism, business and leadership skills, ethics and commitment.

Role Profile

Professional Accountants are recognised around the world as respected leaders in accountancy, finance and business. The apprenticeship programme is for employees at any stage of their career, offering two different qualifications depending on whether the learner is working towards qualifying as a Chartered Accountant or a Chartered Management Accountant.

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