Developing my Career through Property Apprenticeships

Posted by: Jennifer Bramley

Lana Dirsyte, a Property Manager Apprentice at Eaton Green, explains how our Level 3 Housing and Property Management Apprenticeship, in partnership with Propertymark Qualifications, has positively impacted her personal life as well as her professional career as a Property Manager.

Developing my Career in Property

Within my time at Eaton Green Estate Agents as a Property Manager, I have encountered many life-changing experiences that have put to the test to my both my interpersonal qualities and an abundance of professional development in the property sector.

Regardless of my title, I have indulged myself in all aspects of property; from management, legislation and even salesmanship and have ultimately become a confident, dependable individual that always aims to achieve the best results.

I am currently halfway through the Level 3 Housing and Property Management Apprenticeship and have continued to thrive. The experience has positively tested my willingness and flexibility around problem-solving, communication and negotiation skills.

I chose to start an apprenticeship within a small independent business at such a young age to start the journey to becoming a fully-fledged, independent professional that I have always wanted to be.

I came across the vacancy within my time in education, which to be frank was not something I enjoyed nor felt happy in doing. I have always struggled to find a passion for anything, and I continued to dwell in day to day life about the uncertainty of my future. To be given such a great opportunity in the property sector has completely turned my life around. The future now seems hopeful and prosperous.

Alongside my job role as a Property Manager, I have also taken on the role of recruiting new apprentices with Babington who are looking to start a career in property. I believe this to be a perfect role to take on as I understand exactly the kind of qualities and drive that I should look for in a young person. With the job comes great responsibility and there will be times where you feel defeated in your efforts to succeed. This being said, it is at the most utter importance that the apprentice shows resilience, time management and patience. You must learn to adapt to those around you and cater to people’s personal needs in order to offer a timely, ethical and non-judgemental front line of service to your clients. Even as a director or manager, to train someone in a line of business is an extreme learning curve and ultimately tests the knowledge of your already established colleagues.

My director, Mete Enver has been an outstanding role model who has always pushed me to succeed and become the best person I can be. Likewise, and especially with the ongoing change of legislation, laws and impact of the economy, I believe I have brought a unique way of learning to the organisation and have become an important and influential figure in our business.

The support I have received from both my colleagues within Eaton Green Estate Agents as well as Babington has been phenomenal and I have been showered in praise, support and have never felt more motivated to better myself. Babington have established a great line of communication with me. Ultimately, to be an apprentice allow you to be a self-sufficient individual and remain knowledgeable, intuitive and continue to learn as you work and an opportunity you will not regret taking.

Whether you’re wanting to start your career in property or progress your skills further, our range of Property Services apprenticeship are a great next step.

Get in touch with us below to find out which route suits you best, or speak to our advisors on 01332 345450.

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