2 Day Training Programme – Nationwide

In conjunction with MHFA England

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Babington, in conjunction with MHFA England, are hosting nationwide Mental Health First Aid training programmes so that individuals and businesses can support employees with mental health issues and promote a healthy, engaged workplace. 


What is Mental Health First Aid Training?

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an internationally recognised training course which teaches people how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill-health and provide help on a first aid basis. 

MHFA won’t teach you to be a therapist, but just like physical first aid, it will teach you to listen, reassure and respond, even in a crisis. 

Adult MHFA courses are for everyone aged 16 upwards. Every MHFA course is delivered by a quality assured instructor who has attended our Instructor Training programme, accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health and is trained to keep people safe and supported while they learn.


What will I learn?

Two Day – Mental Health First Aiders.

Learning takes place through a mix of group activities, presentations and discussions. A practical skills and awareness course designed to give you:

  • A deeper understanding of mental health and the factors that can affect people’s wellbeing, including your own.
  • Practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of mental health issues.
  • Confidence to step in, reassure and support a person in distress.
  • Enhanced interpersonal skills such as non-judgemental listening.
  • Knowledge to help someone recover their health by guiding them to appropriate support.


How will attending an MHFA course help?

Research and evaluation shows that taking part in an MHFA course:

  • Raises awareness and mental health literacy.
  • Reduces stigma around mental ill-health.
  • Boosts knowledge and confidence in dealing with mental health issues.
  • Promotes early intervention which enables recovery.


Why should I join up?

  • We believe the most effective way to create a healthy working environment is to train people in mental health awareness.
  • All participants will receive a MHFA Certificate and become a dedicated Mental Health First Aider once completing the two-day course.
  • This course will help your business to lay down the groundwork by introducing the idea of talking about mental health. This will tackle stigma, empowering people to talk and utilise the support systems you are putting in place.
  • Demonstrate your companies commitment to equality between mental and physical health.
  • Cut sickness absence – Mental health issues such as stress, depression or anxiety account for almost 70 million days off sick per year, the most of any health condition, costing the UK economy between £70-£100 billion per year.
  • Demonstrate commitment to corporate social responsibility – Show that your business is not prejudiced against people with mental health issues in your organisation.
  • Improve staff morale- 60% of employees say they’d feel more motivated and more likely to recommend their organisation as a good place to work if their employer took action to support mental health and wellbeing.


The Mental Health First Aid training programme with Babington:

  • £210 (plus VAT) per applicant
  • Perfect for anyone who would like to support colleagues facing mental health issues and improve understanding and attitudes towards mental health in the workplace.
  • This course is a two-day-long programme, starting at 9:30am until 5:00pm on both days.
  • Held across all of our centres (nationwide).
  • Start dates available throughout the year.

Every employer should invest in staff mental health. If you would like to enrol yourself or a number of your employees on this course, please fill out the sign up form below or contact



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