Functional Skills English

Available at both Level 1 and Level 2

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Functional Skills

Level 1 and 2 Functional Skills English.

We have regular start dates for these courses throughout 2021.

Who is this course for?

Functional Skills ensure that an individual has the basic applied skills in order to solve problems and become a valuable employee. They build the confidence needed to tackle commonly recurring problems in any job role.

Our Functional Skills English qualifications ensure that learners are able to speak, listen, communicate, read and write with increasing clarity, accuracy and effectiveness so that they can prepare for employment. It is also relevant for people in a current role looking to develop their skills (even if you are currently on furlough) resulting in the achievement of a nationally recognised qualification.

What does the qualification cover?

This qualification includes two exams and an assessment:

  • speaking and listening
  • reading
  • writing

How is the course delivered?

All of these courses are completed via our online learning platform, BabingtonOnline and are supported with interactive resources and webinars to cover the key topics where you can interact with a tutor and your peers. You will be supported throughout by one of our tutors who will review your progress.

We will do a full diagnostic assessment with you to give a comprehensive picture of your gaps in learning and then create an individualised learning plan to meet your specific needs, concentrating on what areas you need improvement.

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Course Summary

We have regular start dates for these courses throughout 2021.

1 and, or 2

Functional Skills in English

Minimum 12 weeks – 6 hours minimum per week, depending on ability.

  • Aged 19 or over
  • Resident of England only
  • Looking for a job or looking to progress and gain new skills at work
  • UK or EU resident of three years or longer or outside of the EU

  • An apprenticeship or further learning
  • A new job
  • Develop your skills with your current employer, and progress

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We have regular start dates for these courses throughout 2021.

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