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In an ever-increasing world of remote working and a reliance on digital technology, Babington is committed to Developing Better Futures by helping people adapt, change and thrive in revolutionised and modern workplaces.

These new and exciting DfE Skills Bootcamps, part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Plan for Jobs, are part of a free pilot scheme being rolled out across the nation in 2021, which is open to both employed and unemployed learners aged 19+.

Babington will be delivering two, specialised programmes designed to help both individuals and employers develop specific skills for working digitally in the workplace.

If you’re a learner, you can apply whatever your employment status. The Skills Bootcamps are ideal for those in work, wanting to expand and tailor their skills to their workplace, or for those looking for work* who recognise these extras skills will help them stand out from the crowd.

There are various routes open to employers, from businesses looking to register multiple cohorts onto programmes, to those open to interviewing and employing learners who have been trained on the Skills Bootcamps. We can work flexibly with you to tailor to your requirements.

* Payments to those in receipt of JSA or Universal Credit will not be affected by taking the course for its full duration.

Choose your Skills Bootcamp

Digital Skills Bootcamp in
Analysing Data

Whether it be sales, marketing, operations, finance or customer care, this course will instil the principles and working practices of data analysis and storytelling.

Develop a deeper understand of digital data analysis in this fully accredited ANALYSING DATA course, part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Plan for Jobs.

Digital Skills Bootcamp in
Digital Leadership

Upskill leadership capability in a time where digital communication and remote working are at their highest.

Learn how to confidently lead teams and work within a virtual environment in this fully accredited DIGITAL LEADERSHIP course, part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Plan for Jobs.

Looking for something different? Explore our range of Digital short courses and apprenticeships.

Skills Bootcamp Complaints Procedure and Privacy Notice

As part of the Department for Education’s Skills Bootcamps we are required to make you aware of the following policies and processes. You can find out more using the links below.

Complaints Procedure – Department for Education (DfE)

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Babington’s Complaints Policy and Procedure

DfE Skills Bootcamps Privacy Notice for Individuals

DfE Skills Bootcamps Privacy Notice Q&A