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Your CMI Level 4 Management and Leadership qualification will include:

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  • Learn at your own pace
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  • CMI accredited training provider
  • 100% pass rate
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  • Dedicated leadership mentor
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CMI Level 4 Management and Leadership qualification

The CMI Level 4 Management and Leadership qualification gives you access to new ways of thinking that can transform the way you lead your team. Designed for first-line and newly appointed or less-experienced managers, our CMI Level 4 qualifications (Award, Certificate, or Diploma) will help you to hone key skills such as managing team dynamics, delegating tasks, and key decision-making. CMI Level 4 is the first step on the professional qualification route for aspiring senior leaders, offering you a secure foundation to achieve your aspirations to become a well-rounded and resilient senior leader.

Understand yourself

As a newly appointed manager, you’re often so focused on your day-to-day practical responsibilities, it can be difficult to explore the finer details of your leadership capabilities. Our leadership and management training is an opportunity to gain deeper insights into the way you behave in your role, and how this impacts on your team.

The programme is about more than just facts and theories; you will learn to fully understand and adapt the way you work to different contexts.

Learn around your job

You will be mentored by an expert senior leader, who will share their experiences of leading large teams and organisations. As well as this, you’ll gain access to thought-provoking resources, personality profiling, and much more through our online learning platform and face-to-face delivery.

We know you don’t have the time to spend days away from your team or spend all night writing essays. Our CMI Level 4 qualification is organised around your other commitments, giving you control over where and when you learn.

As a manager, your role is often about verbal communication, and that’s exactly how you will be assessed. You’ll have the chance to demonstrate your newfound knowledge and ideas through reflective pieces, time constrained assignments, and professional discussions with your peers and expert leadership mentor.

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Team Leaders, Junior Managers, Middle Management

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Distance learning

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Distance: Flexible start

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Award: 1 – 3 months
Certificate: 3 – 6 months
Diploma: 12 – 18 months

CMI Level 4 Award

The CMI Level 4 Award will equip you with the fundamental knowledge of the structure of management and the skills you need to become an influential leader.

CMI Level 4 Certificate

The CMI Level 4 Certificate helps you to enhance your leadership and management capabilities further, enabling you to take a deeper look at what it takes to be an effective leader of your team and manager in your organisation.

CMI Level 4 Diploma

The CMI Level 4 Diploma offers you a wide suite of key competencies that will help you become the manager you need to be for your organisation, enabling you to take control of your personal professional development to benefit your team and organisation in the long term.

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CMI Level 4 Management and Leadership qualification overview

  • What you will learn

    The Award contains the following unit:

    • 4006: Management and leadership influencing skills

    The Certificate contains the following units:

    • 4003: Understanding organisational culture, values and behaviour
    • 4004: Understanding team dynamics
    • 4006: Management and leadership influencing skills

    The Diploma contains the following units:

    • 4001: Managerial styles and behaviours
    • 4002: Managing stakeholders’ expectations
    • 4003: Understanding organisational culture, values and behaviour
    • 4004: Understanding team dynamics
    • 4006: Management and leadership influencing skills
    • 5001: Personal development as a manager and leader

  • What's included

    • Personal leadership mentor
    • Five-factor personality profiling
    • Personal leadership development blog
    • Access to exclusive leadership community forum
    • Regular online chat sessions with other leaders
    • Regular one-to-ones with your mentor
    • Video insights from your mentor
    • Suggested reading
    • Online submission of assessment materials

  • Assessment

    • Professional discussions
    • Time constrained assignments (TCA)
    • Reflective pieces

  • Prerequisites

    Demonstrable academic ability to complete a HND / Level 4 qualification.
  • Progression

    Upon successfully completing a CMI Level 4 qualification, you can progress to other qualifications at CMI Level 4, such as the Certificate or the Diploma, or you can move to the next level, such as CMI Level 5, or CMI Level 6.
  • Career path

    You will be eligible for a wide range of roles after qualification, such as Office Manager, Operations Manager, Department Manager, Department Head
  • Payment

    Please contact an adviser for further information on course prices, CMI membership and additional costs.
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