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Level 4 CMI Leadership and Management: Team Leader Training

Distance learning: a course that works around your schedule

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Access expert knowledge

While many team leaders receive some kind of training, most have not explored the concepts behind the latest leadership methods. CMI level 4 team leader training gives you access to new ways of thinking that can transform the way you lead your team.

You will be mentored by an expert senior leader, who will share their experiences of leading large teams and organisations. As well as this, you’ll gain access to thought provoking resources, personality profiling, and more.

Understand yourself

As a team leader, you’re often so focused on your day-to-day practical responsibilities, it can be difficult to explore the finer details. Our team leader training is an opportunity to gain deeper insights into the way you behave in your role, and how this impacts on your team.

The programme is about more than just facts and theories; you will learn to fully understand and adapt the way you work to different contexts.

Learn around your job

We know you don’t have the time to spend days away from your team, or spend all night writing essays.

Our team leader training programme is organised around your other commitments, giving you control over where and when you learn.

What’s more, we won’t ask you to complete long essays or sit exams. As a team leader, your role is largely about verbal communication, and that’s exactly how you will be assessed. You’ll have the chance to demonstrate your new knowledge and ideas through reflective pieces and professional discussions.

Level 4 Team Leader Training Course Details

Programme format

Regular contact with your expert leadership mentor, who will guide you through your programme step by step. You’ll receive access to detailed resources, thought-provoking articles, recommended reading lists, and more.

Assessment Type

  • Professional discussions
  • Reflective pieces

Course Length

The course will usually take between six and eighteen months to complete, depending on your chosen qualification level and pace of study.


You must have the academic ability needed to complete a level 4 qualification


Award = one of the following units
Certificate = two of the following units
Diploma = six of the following units

  • Managerial styles and behaviours
  • Managing stakeholders’ expectations
  • Understanding organisational culture, values and behaviour
  • Understanding team dynamics
  • Management report writing
  • Management and leadership influencing skills
  • Managing interviews
  • Promoting equality and diversity
  • Staff inspection review

At Diploma level, you will also have the option to study the following units:

  • Being a leader
  • Introduction to management coaching and mentoring

Want to find out more about this course?

Why gain a CMI leadership qualification?

Professional recognition

  • Over 80% of managers CMI spoke to said that a CMI qualification is a key part of becoming a professional manager

Increase employee morale and engagement

  • 70% of employees in the UK do not trust their managers (Engage for Success, 2013)
  • The UK has 6% lower average engagement levels than other large economies (Kennexa, 2011)

Set yourself apart from other leaders by learning how to lead a highly engaged, productive organisation.

Distance learning: a course that works around your schedule.

Enter your details and we’ll get in touch, or give us a call on
01332 613 688

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