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The CII Level 3 Certificate in Mortgage Advice is an essential FCA recognised qualification for becoming an authorised Mortgage Adviser but is equally relevant if you work in a support role. It develops an understanding of the sector and the mortgage process and enables advisers to meet individual client needs.

To achieve the CII Certificate in Mortgage Advice, you will need to complete two units: CF1 (UK financial services, regulations and ethics) and CF6 (Mortgage Advice).

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Anyone looking to become qualified in offering mortgage advice and services

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Distance learning

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Distance: Flexible start

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12-month duration.

40-60 hours per unit recommended.

Certificate in Mortgage Advice course overview

  • Key outcomes

    CF1 Unit:

    • Purpose and structure of the UK financial services industry
    • Different financial asset classes and product types
    • Process of giving advice and the main areas covered
    • Ethics, regulatory processes, rules and legislation underpinning UK financial services
    • Use of the financial regulators’ powers and responsibilities to protect the market’s integrity and the impact on individuals and firms of these regulators’ powers

    CF6 Unit:

    • House-buying process, from making an offer to completion and the key parties involved
    • Different types of borrowers and how to meet their individual mortgage needs
    • Different types of mortgage product and repayment options and their suitability for the client
    • Legislative and regulatory position of mortgages and the requirements of a mortgage adviser

  • What's included

    • Regular contact with a dedicated tutor via email or phone
    • Regular 1-2-1 tutorials via phone or Skype
    • Official CII course textbooks and official resources

  • Assessment

    CF1 Unit:

    • 2-hour exam with 70% pass mark
    • Multiple choice questions

    CF6 Unit:

    • 3-hour exam with 70% pass mark
    • Multiple choice questions
    • Case study questions

  • Prerequisites

    No formal qualifications are required to study this qualification
  • Progression

    Upon completion of this qualification, you could broaden your knowledge in other areas of financial services such as Financial Administration
  • Career path

    You will be eligible for a range of roles such as Trainee Mortgage Adviser and Mortgage Adviser
  • Payment

    Please contact a Course Adviser for further information on course prices and additional exam costs
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