The Three Things All Successful People Do

Posted by: Jannike Post Date: 7th July 2017

Three things successful people do webinar

You’ve got the raw ability to tackle anything, and an attitude that would make Mary Poppins look flat out feckless. Nevertheless, the wheels have ground to a halt, and you just can’t get them turning again.

The goal posts seem to move before your eyes, vital skills stagnate, and certain colleagues might as well be aliens.

Sound familiar? Then it’s time to delve into the secrets of the successful, and take a fresh look at your professional behaviours.

For anyone who wants to get back on track and achieve their greatest goals, leadership expert Nigel Girling will discuss following three things all successful people do in his webinar on the 7th September at 2pm.

1. Adaptation: just like the fennec fox, you must adapt to your environment in order to thrive. But instead of having huge ears, you must learn to complement your team, relate to people you don’t like, follow rules you don’t understand, and gracefully accept unexpected criticism.

2. Development: the same way you update the software on your computer, you need to update your own skillset. Done right, continuous professional development can be just that… ‘continuous’. It’s not about massive gestures every few years, but about seeing the same kind of steady increase in achievement you expect within any successful organisation.

3. Conquering change: it’s all change in most organisations, and in markets as a whole. From taking advantage of technological advances to preparing for Brexit, you need to navigate your way through a continuous state of flux. It’s time to embrace uncertainty by maintaining the most relevant knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours. This means, for example, valuing creativity over compliance, and being agile rather than obstinate.

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