Your Career Options After AAT

Posted by: Jannike Post Date: 18th July 2017

Options after AAT

Perhaps you’ve been plugging away at your AAT studies for the past few months, and the end of the level is becoming tantalizingly close.

Maybe you’re still considering your study options, and are trying to envision yourself on potential careers paths.

Either way, you’ll want to know what your future could look like with AAT under your belt. That’s why, on the 4th October at 2pm, accounting tutor Richard Smith will be here with his (figurative) crystal ball to reveal your possible destiny.

Richard will discuss the following points, looking at your options after each of the levels:

  • What are you qualified to do after AAT?
  • What sort of jobs can you apply for?
  • What career paths can you pursue?
  • What qualifications can you move on to?

You’ll be able to put your questions to Richard, from how to get started with AAT to where you could be in twenty years!

Find out where AAT could take you – sign up for the webinar below!

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01332 613 688

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