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Being a Strategic Lead
at Babington

As we continue to grow and Develop Better Futures nationally, we would like passionate, determined, and ambitious people to join us on our journey.

To highlight the talented employees, we currently have at Babington we have caught up with Chrsitina one of our high performing Strategic Leads, to provide a real-world account of what it is like to be in that role at Babington.

A Spotlight on Christina

Christina, one of our dedicated and ambitious Strategic Leads joined in 2019 as a Client Engagement Manager. She previously worked as a Skills Recruitment Consultant for the training provider. Christina decided to join Babington based on its diverse portfolio, the opportunity to collaborate with companies of varying sizes and sectors and the career development opportunities available, which Christina has already experienced during her tenure.

Focusing on her current role as a Strategic Lead, Christina speaks in detail about her role, what motivates her and what she could change about the role, giving real insight into what it is genuinely like to be a Strategic Lead.

Christina Ellison Pic

The two human alarm clocks, Freddie and Henry my two sons”

Two human alarm clocks I created. My clients, you get invested in the relationship and want to be able to deliver, so the relationship can continue to prosper.”

Engaging with clients and receiving outstanding feedback.”

What steps have you taken in the past towards your personal development?

“Applied for internal opportunities which will further my career and progression into an account management role.”

What would you need to develop further?

The opportunity to develop into an account management role.”


Why did you choose to accept this role?

“The strategic lead role is a very rewarding role, allowing me to develop key client relationships and supporting clients to achieve their learning and development goals. When you work with large clients you have the opportunity to give your input on how they can achieve their long-term goals and you can be a part of the process from start to finish.”

What does your role entail?

“Supporting Large Levy Paying Employers with their learning and development needs for new and existing staff members and working collaboratively for them to achieve these goals through apprenticeships, skills, or our commercial offering. I am currently specialising in the property sector.”

“I enjoy the friendly and supportive nature of my peers, especially the more experienced ones who are always happy to offer their wisdom. The management structure is ideal as again I find it incredibly open and supportive; it is very much of a ‘leader’ mentality rather than a ‘boss’ one. I love my role and the collaborative way in which we all work together from the top down and the bottom-up, Babington is a wonderful place to work.”

Do you feel that your role plays a part in developing a better future? And how?

Yes, as a provider we are giving people an opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and behaviour that can then be transferred and applied to not only their career but many other aspects of their lives.”

Which values do you relate with the most?

Passionate, I am an advocate for higher education and like nothing more than to see learners I have put on programme achieve. Knowing that it has either carved out a career or enhanced theirs is very rewarding.”

The strategic lead role is to work closely with senior stakeholders of a business to discuss and collaborate to achieve their learning and development aims.”

The client engagement and building the relationships.”

“Internally I collaborate with all teams in Babington having a close relationship to operations. Externally I collaborate with senior stakeholders, HR and L&D teams, line mangers etc.”

What course have you taken or are considering taking to advance your skills?

I would love to do a project management commercial course.”

What are your aims for your time at Babington?

“Continue to grow and develop and enhance my career in the apprenticeship industry.”

What would you change about your role?

“How it is perceived to be different from the strategic team and that it is seen as transactional.”

Has the pandemic influenced how you work?

Yes, working from home and not having a commuting time has enabled me to get more work done each day.

How can you be a Strategic Lead like Christina?

If you have enjoyed hearing from Christina and what it’s like to be a Strategic Lead at Babington, you can register your interest or apply for one of our current live vacancies below.

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