What is Agile Project Management?

Posted by: Andre Post Date: 10th October 2014

Anyone looking to develop their project management skills will probably have heard of this qualification, and might be wondering, “what is Agile Project Management?”.

We take a look at what the Agile method involves, and how the APMG qualification prepares you to put it into practice.

The method

Agile project management is a relatively new approach to managing projects that adheres to rigorous standards while remaining transparent and efficient.


Agile project management was initially designed around software development projects, where frequent testing, user feedback, and innovation need to be taken into account. Because circumstances are constantly changing, rigid plans are rarely effective, and an approach that considers this has proven effective for all kinds of projects, not just software development.

Agile project management keeps every aspect of a project in check, while allowing for changes that occur. Rather than trying to plan a whole process at once, Agile is a framework for putting plans in place incrementally. The project takes the form of a number of delivery cycles, with small portions being completed in each.

The Agile project management method is ideal for projects that need to be reviewed and refined at different stages, and are likely to take different directions before completion. It usually results in projects that are more efficient, wasting less time and fewer resources, and meeting their goals more quickly. Agile projects also meet the needs of stakeholders more closely, as they adapt with new requirements that arise.


Agile projects often do not have a single project manager who oversees all processes. Instead, teams in charge of each aspect of a project direct their own activities.

The project team is made aware of its goals and the broader requirements of the project. Inside of this, each team member is trusted to use his or her own expertise to fulfil the role.

Instead of taking control of the project, an Agile project manager is responsible for making the process smoother, removing obstacles that slow down team members’ progress.

The qualification

The APMG Agile Project Management course qualifies candidates to use the latest Agile principles when managing projects. Completing the course will give you the skills you need to enable teams to perform at their best in any project. The course is split into Foundation and Practitioner levels.


At the first level of the course, you will learn the core principles behind the Agile project, and will be able to explain how it is managed. You’ll learn about aspects of Agile project management from risk assessment to the roles and responsibilities of each member of a team.

This level is ideal for experienced project managers new to Agile, as well as those new to the industry. It is is assessed by a one hour closed book exam, with 60 questions and a 50% pass rate.


At this level, you will gain an in-depth, working knowledge of Agile project management. To start studying for the Practitioner qualification, you will need to have completed the Certificate level, or have achieved the DSDM Foundation or Practitioner qualification.

The exam for this level is open book, and is two hours long.

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