6 Podcasts for Aspiring Leaders and Managers

Posted by: Mia Lewis Post Date: 4th August 2017

What do you listen to on your daily commute? Perhaps music, the radio, or the drone of traffic? For aspiring leaders, there could be no better way to use this ‘in-between time’ than to listen to podcasts.

Although you can get self-improvement advice from everywhere these days, podcasts are an easily accessible source to learn from the world’s most talented leaders and business minds.

6 Podcasts for Aspiring Leaders and Entrepreneurs

For those who have never listened to podcasts before, you can find the following podcasts on your iTunes app, or other apps such as Overcast and Stitcher.

The Tim Ferriss Show

As a self-proclaimed ‘human guinea pig’, Tim Ferriss has dedicated his life to deconstructing the routines and behaviours of world-class performers. His podcast includes interviews with inspiring figures like Arnold Schwarzengger and Tony Robbins, as well as business moguls like Matt Mullenweg and Seth Godin.

The greatest thing about these podcasts are the tactics, tools, and routines that you can take on board –  not just to enrich your professional life, but your personal life too.

Recommended listen:

#37: Tony Robbins on Morning Routines, Peak Performance, and Mastering Money

How I Built This: NPR

If you’re an aspiring leader, or simply interested in the origin stories behind some of the world’s top businesses, then How I Built This is a must-listen podcast. Each episode takes you through the founder’s first challenges, and the wisdom they now have after building some of the world’s biggest brands.

There are some amazing insights to take away, especially the innovations that entrepreneurs have made to lead their business to success. Did you know, for example, that Airbnb was funded by a mix of desperation, and 2008 presidential election themed cereal?

Recommended listen:

Virgin: Richard Branson

The GaryVee Audio Experience

To say Gary Vaynerchuk is outspoken about today’s leadership would be a massive understatement.

Vaynerchuk started by growing his family wine business from $3 million to $60 million, and is now viewed a digital marketing and social media pioneer. However, his talents and graft have made him an expert in business and leadership advice.

His podcast delves into a variety of rants, keynotes, and Q & As around the topics of growing business, networking, managing talent, and many more.

Recommended listen:

A Keynote: HR Techworld 2017 | Understanding Your Company Better Using Social Media

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Dose of Leadership Podcast with Richard Rierson

Former U.S. Marine Richard Rierson’s Dose of Leadership is a fantastic place to find educational and inspiring interviews with leaders from a wide range of industries and experiences.

The podcast focuses on leadership development and ethics, featuring influencers of all types, from entrepreneurs, to authors, to military heroes, to faith-based leaders.

From these podcasts, you can take away a variety of books, articles, and learning resources for exceptional leadership development.

Recommended listen:

231 – Dee Ann Turner: Vice President, Human Resources at Chick-fil-A, Inc.

TedTalks Business

Of course, as an aspiring leader you may have had access to many Ted talks! With podcasts, it’s now never been easier to grab this knowledge on the go.

TedTalks Business is a podcast relevant to most facets of business, featuring some of the world’s top innovators, including Elon Musk and Bill Gates.

Recommended listen:

Two reasons companies fail – and how to avoid them | Knut Haanaes

PM For The Masses

Looking to improve your project management knowledge? PM For The Masses is a weekly podcasts to educate listeners on the different elements of project management, including effective group communication, change management, and the value of methodologies such as ‘Agile’.

This is a great resource for those looking to manage a project, or simply looking to improve their leadership skills, from guests who are experienced project managers.

Recommended listen:
You’re doing meetings wrong: here’s how to fix them.

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