Leadership and the Concept of Choice

Posted by: Nigel Girling Post Date: 20th December 2017

Leadership and the concept of choices

As a leader, your effectiveness is the result of thousands and thousands and thousands… of choices.

Choices about:

  • What objectives to agree
  • How to deliver the goals
  • Who to mentor
  • What action to take
  • When to do something
  • How to approach something
  • Who to ask to take on a task or project
  • Who to invite to a meeting
  • How well each person is performing
  • How to give feedback on performance
  • What words to use to communicate a message
  • What medium to use to communicate a message
  • What good looks like
  • How high to set the bar
  • Who is ready for promotion
  • What potential someone has
  • What your own development needs are
  • How many things to write in this list
  • Where to be on the Tanenbaum & Schmidt continuum
  • Which of French & Raven’s 5 powers to use

…and so on.

I could write for a week and still be coming up with more significant choices.

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Think clearly and thoroughly

Your destiny – and the destiny of your people – is shaped by each choice or decision… and it’s generally the ones you didn’t think through in enough depth that come back to bite you later.

So that raises two big final questions:

  • Do you spot the big choices when they come along?
  • Do you take the time to think deeply enough to make the right decision?

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