How to Motivate and Inspire Your Employees

How to motivate and inspire your employees
Posted by: Mia Lewis

Productive and engaged employees are essential to the success of a company. If your employees aren’t thriving and motivated to achieve their objectives or KPIs, you’ll quickly find productivity and profit stalling, therefore learning how to motivate and inspire your employees is an essential management skill.

Employees can be challenging to inspire and lead for a number of reasons. One of these key reasons can be the poor style of leadership, and lack of understanding of what motivates an individual. We look at ways you can develop your leadership to inspire your employees to achieve their potential.

How to motivate and inspire your employees

Set goals that fit the employee, as well as the whole department

Standing up and declaring “These are the goals for the quarter” and expecting your employees to achieve these goals is unreasonable. You need to understand that what motivates one person, will not motivate another. Each employee should be setting goals that fit their role and their unique ambitions. These targets need to stretch them and make them think big, but not scare them so much they freeze up. Each of these individual goals may need to be managed differently depending on the personality of the employee in your department.

Team motivation: give them access to training

Employee engagement and satisfaction play into the overall culture, and when employees are unhappy and disengaged, culture risks becoming sour. Recognising that employees want broader opportunities can help uplift company culture. Every organisation should look to offer leadership training for its employees that help develop their knowledge about their industry and improves their skill set. As a leader yourself, you should take part in the culture of training, leading by example by your own self-development.

Remember, play the long game as well as the short game

Leadership is about how you look to be a good leader tomorrow, as well as being a good leader today. You can invent a fun game or incentive that works for an afternoon, but you need to think ahead to the future goals of the company and your team. What do you need to achieve day by day, week by week to hit your annual figures? Are there times of the year when you need to adjust your leadership and management strategy? Remember that leadership is a long game for building motivation and resilience in your team.

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    Drill down into their purpose in the company

    A good leader knows how to find what motivates an employee. Your organisation’s mission statement should be clear on what is being achieved. Each employee will have a role that plays into this mission, so be clear on their purpose within the bigger picture. When an employee understands how their role in the company plays into the overall vision, they feel energised and engaged with their workload, so they’ll want to go the extra mile.

    Be a leader in other departments

    Your department is just one element of a company, and it shouldn’t be isolated from other functions in the company. Create a culture of open communication and feedback with marketing, product development, and operations etc. Getting everyone around the table helps to identify roadblocks, as well as creative solutions.

    Through inspiring your employees with standout leadership, there’s no holding back on the success of your employees.

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