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Posted by: Andre Post Date: 4th July 2014

Babington’s ‘Excellence in Teaching and Learning’ programme is being designed to give everybody an opportunity to have development in teaching practice, enhance existing skills and learn new techniques. Innovation through technology will be threaded throughout allowing all staff to experience and benefit from the use of technology within the programme and explore innovation and best practice when designing, developing and delivering their own programmes moving forward.

This programme will also introduce new approaches to everyday challenges within working life.

Modules 1 and 2 will be relevant to all Babington staff.

Modules 3, 4 and 5 will be aimed at those who plan and deliver training to learner and/or staff.


Module overview


Module 1 – Understanding yourself

This module is designed to help staff understand how they learn, develop their own skills and knowledge and how to enhance their everyday performance in work.

Learners will belong to the Excellence programme within BabingtonOnline – Babington’s Virtual Learning Environment and will be expected to complete pre-work supported by a tutor virtually followed by a 2-3 hour classroom session to consolidate the following:[list type=”circle-empty” color=”color1″]

  • different methods of reviewing and assessing own skills and work preferences including the different learning resources including appropriate use of technology
  • how to positively plan own development and monitor progress effectively
  • effectively manage time and resources
  • how to effectively respond to personal feedback from others
  • how to provide meaningful feedback to others
  • how to prepare for 1:1’s and annual appraisals



Module 2 – Understanding Stakeholders

(Including Colleagues, peers, learners, employers)

Gain an understanding of how to engage with stakeholders to better understand their aspirations and motivations.
Delivery through BabingtonOnline followed by consolidation workshop – covering the following:[list type=”circle-empty” color=”color1″]

  • different styles of learning/communicating and effective use of the information collected
  • effective evaluation of learning/understanding at all stages
  • how to provide meaningful feedback and guidance
  • structure of different programmes and how to offer appropriate advice on next stages
  • different approaches to delivery of learning and how to meet individual aspirations of stakeholders

It is recommended that modules 1 and 2 are completed before progression to modules 3, 4 and 5.


Module 3 – Planning and structure for programmes

This module is designed to help staff gain an understanding of how programmes are structured and processes that need to be followed to ensure that a programme fulfils its objectives.[list type=”circle-empty” color=”color1″]

  • programme and session planning
  • defining aims and objectives
  • effective integration of English, mathematics and Equality and Diversity
  • effective planning for differentiation and challenge
  • effective utilisation of resources (the use of technology with purpose)
  • individualised planning for learning
  • effective utilisation of interview information and assessments
  • effective monitoring, review and progression
  • effective utilisation of tracking and monitoring data



Module 4 – Teaching strategies and delivery of learning

This module is designed to help staff understand the different teaching strategies and theories and their value when planning and delivering learning.[list type=”circle-empty” color=”color1″]

  • different approaches to delivery of learning
  • different teaching techniques and activities
  • behaviour management, learner engagement and motivation
  • coaching and mentoring
  • different teaching strategies
  • effective experimentation in delivery including evaluation and reflection
  • effective and meaningful assessment and feedback
  • effective observation, including peer observation
  • creating independent learners
  • what ‘outstanding’ looks like



Module 5 – Engagement and innovation

This module is designed to review innovation and integration into delivery. You will also look at engagement of learners and how to ensure relevance and meaning within delivery. You will consider:[list type=”circle-empty” color=”color1″]

  • engaging and energising resource and activity development
  • effective collaboration
  • self-development planning, engagement in meaningful CPD and reflection
  • contextualising resources and delivery
  • implementing and managing challenge
  • effective use of alternative methods of delivery
  • impact monitoring and measuring effectiveness for future development
  • effective use of technology


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