What Kind of Training Should be Given to Employees?

employee training
Posted by: Mia Lewis

Your employees make your organisation what it is. They make the culture and drive its success, especially when they have the right experience and qualifications. Some employees take the initiative to pursue relevant qualifications to aid their careers, but you can’t always rely on this.

If your employees’ skills have fallen behind the times, you could choose to carry on as you are or, you could look at implementing training for your employees to improve productivity and innovation. But what type of training should you offer, which employees should you upskill?

Perform a skills gap analysis

It’s good to regularly review an employee’s skill set and their knowledge to identify potential gaps that could be addressed with training. A skills gap analysis can look at the whole company, team, and individual.

You’ll need to look at things such as:

employee training
  •    The current skills and abilities of your  staff
  •    Your company’s key data such as turnover and business growth
  •    Your company’s strategic vision
  •    Staff turnover, and reasons why staff leave
  •    Feedback from all employees

You need to do a thorough analysis to get a clear view of the activities occurring within your organisation. From there you can start to see where there are gaps in knowledge. You may have noticed that some employees have been promoted to management roles but lack key management skills. In this instance, the knowledge gap could be bridged with leadership and management training.

Accounting apprenticeships

No matter the size of your business, you will have employees who deal with an accounting element in their role. It’s risky to have staff using out of date accounting processes or lacking knowledge on accounting software. An accounting apprentice could help you to manage the financial aspects of your company properly.

Leadership and management apprenticeships

Many people thrive when thrown in the deep end, but it’s still unrealistic to assume someone will become a great manager overnight. Leadership and management training is one way to get employees focused on your business’s wider goals and vision. Managers need to be able to tap into what motivates their team, and learn how to manage them for the best results.

The leaders in your business are essential to ensuring success, so it’s worth looking at leadership and management apprenticeships to improve their skills in that area.

Project management apprenticeships

Managing a project is more than setting deadlines and being organised. The larger the project, the more stakeholders involved, the more liability for errors. If your leaders and employees are struggling to get projects delivered on time, it could be due to your employees lacking the planning and execution skills that are best learnt through project management apprenticeships.

The value of offering training for your employees

There is a lot of value in offering your employees training. The effect of training creates a motivating company culture which values and empowers everyone at all levels within the company.

Armed with the right training and knowledge, employees can implement their new knowledge to improve systems and processes. This means you can make the most of your internal resources, which in turn can help improve productivity. Many employees are motivated to undertake training, as they feel they are being invested in. Providing training can also help with reducing staff turnover in the long term, saving money on high recruitment costs.

Addressing gaps in knowledge in your employees is one part to improving the performance of your company. The second part is sourcing the right solution that will fit your needs.

How can you fund this training?

It’s natural to question the costs of training and to weigh up the potential return it brings. Employers now have the opportunity to upskill their current employees by taking them on as an apprentice. This means that up to 90% of your training costs can be covered by the government depending on the age of your apprentice.

You could take on a new apprentice to meet a skills shortage in your company. Many employers report that taking on an apprentice has a hugely positive impact on the productivity and growth of their business. An apprenticeship is a cost-effective means to recruit new talent that have a long-term interest in the future of the business.

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