The Benefits of a Project Management Apprentice

Posted by: Mia Lewis

Over 85% of businesses have a project management function in their business.[1] If your business is within the 15% lacking a dedicated project manager, you could be wasting significant resources on your projects and operations. Good project managers are in short supply, and they will need competitive salaries and benefits to attract them to your company.

However, there is another approach to finding a great project manager: taking on a project management apprentice.

APM (Association for Project Management) believes that apprenticeships are a key way to develop people with the right skills and knowledge to make an impact in their roles and within the project management profession.[2]

There are many benefits to developing new and existing employees with an apprenticeship in project management.

What do project managers do?

The basic principles of project management include planning, organising, securing, controlling, leading, managing resources and tasks to achieve specific business goals. Project managers determine strategies to kick off the project, evaluate and understand the project requirements, they analyse and gather information, communicate with stakeholders, and monitor the progress of the project.

Why take on a project management apprentice?

No matter the industry, there will always be a need for qualified professionals to plan, develop, and control project works. Taking on an apprentice in project management offers your organisation many key advantages:

  • Recruit and retain employees who are invested in the company, and therefore are more motivated to remain with you for longer
  • Apprenticeships help to create a workforce that is diverse and brings a fresh perspective to your operations
  • Employing young people from a variety of backgrounds helps improve their social mobility, which also feeds back into the local economy, as well as creating a positive reputation for your business
  • Help grow the profit and productivity of your company. Many companies report an increase in productivity and creativity after taking on an apprentice
  • 20% off-the-job training allows your apprentice to learn about the latest project management knowledge and trends, which can be applied to your operations straight away

Hiring an apprentice can present numerous benefits to your business, but do you know how to identify talent?

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    Funding for project management apprenticeships

    As an employer, you are entitled to funding that pays for the training element of the apprenticeship. If you’re a business that doesn’t pay the apprenticeship levy, you’ll get 90% of your training costs funded by the government, leaving you to pay the remaining 10%. Businesses paying the levy will use the funds in their apprenticeship service account to pay for the costs of training.

    Finding a project management apprentice for your business

    Setting up a new apprenticeship scheme and recruiting a suitable candidate is time-consuming. You need to ensure you meet all of the conditions set out by the apprenticeship standard, and if you don’t, you risk not qualifying for funding. Working directly with a training provider like Babington to recruit and manage your apprenticeship helps save you time, effort, and stress, ensuring you meet the requirements for an apprentice.

    We do all the hard work of recruiting and screening candidates to find a project management apprentice who has the potential to make an impact on your business. Our flexible learning solutions mean your apprentice gets the most out of their studies, delivering a tangible return on investment for your business.

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