Women in Accounting: the Infographic

Posted by: Andre Post Date: 18th December 2014

The typical accountant has long been imagined as a white middle-aged, green-eyeshaded man. But government data shows that the industry is rapidly transforming, with more women entering, and taking on senior roles, than ever before.

We’ve put together a nifty infographic that shows you just how much the role of women in the accounting industry has changed over the past decade.

Three major changes have taken place, the biggest being the sheer number of women in accounting, and how this compares with the number of men in the industry. There was a 121% increase in women working in accounting between 2004 and 2014, and women now make up 46%, rather than 32%, of professional accountants in the UK.

Another development we noticed was that female accountants work much more flexibly now than a decade ago. 18% now work part-time, fitting their careers around other aspects of their lifestyles, compared with only 8% in 2004. Alongside this, 14% of women in accounting are now self-employed, in comparison with 10% in 2004.

The last transformation lies in the types of accounting roles performed by women. In 2004, there were around 63,000 women working as Chartered, Certified or Management Accountants, making up 83% of the number of women in accounting. Fast forward ten years, and the figure is now 156,000,  93%. This means that a far higher proportion of female accountants are in senior positions, with only 7% working as Accounting Technicians, compared with 17% in 2004.

We think these figures show that women in the industry have more control over their careers, and are making a bigger impact, than ever before. Take a look for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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