Which Apprenticeship is Best For Me?

Posted by: Andre Post Date: 29th May 2015

Here at the Babington, we provide a wide range of apprenticeship courses, across a variety of business sectors. You may find this choice overwhelming, and slightly confusing; so we’ve broken down each course that we offer into the skills and qualities needed by each, to help you identify which apprenticeship would be best for you.


If you are a numerate, dedicated and hardworking individual, who enjoys being busy and has excellent time keeping skills, then accountancy may be the right path for you to take.

Accountancy is a highly professional and well-regarded industry, so you must have a clear understanding of communication and how to respect others in the workplace.

Business Administration

If you’re organised, productive and enjoy contributing towards an efficient and well-run office environment, then you may be interested in applying for an apprenticeship in business administration. Administrators are responsible completing the tasks and duties for other members of the team that will help them with their workload, this can include, but is not limited to: filing, scanning, copying, filling in spreadsheets and other documents, managing post and typing up minutes from meetings.

This kind of position requires accuracy and attention to detail, so to succeed in this kind of role, you will need to be a focused and motivated candidate.

Customer Service

If you are a positive and reliable individual, who enjoys being helpful and putting a smile on people’s faces; you may find yourself best suited towards a career in customer services.

The customer service industry is all about improving customer experience, being an advocate for the product or service you represent and being a valuable point of contact for the customer to approach. So, if you have the patience to spend time assisting people with advice, enquiries, or even complaints, apply to train in this area with us.


Working in hairdressing you will be dealing with people on a day to day basis – you will therefore need to be approachable, patient, and have good communication skills. You must also have an eye for detail, and a creative flair in order to satisfy the needs of your clients.

At the moment, we are only running these courses in the Greater Manchester area, so if you think that you are suited for this kind of position, get in touch with us, and we will work hard to find you a role.

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Health and Social Care

Jobs in the health and social care sector are ideal for people with an empathetic, patient and understanding nature, who can put in the extra effort to help people who need extra assistance, when it comes to completing daily activities such as washing, getting dressed or even transportation.

If you want to make a difference to the lives of others, and help to put a smile on people’s faces, then a health a social care apprenticeship is the right course for you.


If you enjoy working to deadlines, and under pressure, but also thrive by putting a smile on a customer’s face, hospitality may be the option for you to choose. A hospitality apprenticeship can take place in a variety of areas, such as; kitchens, hotels, restaurants, and even care homes – it is all about ensuring that the customer receives the service they deserve and enjoy their time at the establishment that you work.

If the idea of this role appeals to you, and you consider yourself to be dedicated and approachable, don’t delay in sending us you application.


Retail apprenticeships can take place anywhere, from small individual shops, to large international chain stores, and the roles you could expect to complete vary amongst; merchandising, stock control, and general shop floor assistance.

To excel in this industry, you will need to be polite, approachable, and hard-working. If you think that you fit the bill, don’t hesitate in taking the first step to your new career, now.


If you’re a driven individual, who enjoys meeting and exceeding targets, delegating tasks and ensuring that a plan can be followed to meet an end goal, you will be well suited in one of our management apprenticeships. A manager needs to be self-motivated, with the ability to motivate others, and also have the capability to keep calm under pressure.

If you think that you have what it takes to bring a team to success, and are organised enough to keep control of a team, we want to help find you a position to fulfil this potential.


A warehousing role could take place at a logistics company, distribution centre, or even shops and shopping centres. Tasks performed in this role are practical, so require hard work, motivation and enthusiasm. You will need to be able to communicate well with others and be able to take instruction, as certain machinery or equipment could be harmful.

So, if you like being on your feet, and would enjoy helping a company to manage and deliver their products, sign yourself up for a warehousing apprenticeship today!

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