What Skills Are Employers Looking for in 2018?

Posted by: Mia Lewis Post Date: 11th January 2018

As the new year gets underway and everyone is feeling the January blues, the period of often short-lived resolutions is in full effect for 2018. There are the popular ones of course: to lose weight, to start a hobby, or maybe just to try and be happier!
Hopefully this year you’ve considered a resolution a little less common; one which involves looking at your own personal development. Perhaps by starting a new job, or learning a new skill? If this is the case, we’ve put together a list of skills which employers are looking for in candidates this year (and that includes apprentices!).

What employers are looking for in 2018

Soft Skills


Generally, most people looking for apprenticeships are millennials; the generation often criticised for a lack of communication skills, due to “spending their time with their heads stuck in their phones”. What employers don’t understand is just how adapted millennials are at effectively communicating through a variety of mediums. As communication is a skill that employers are specifically looking for this year, it should put millennials at an advantage so long as you can demonstrate this well.

Time management

Time management is an important skill, both for making a great first impression and for completing all your work on time. Employers want someone who can use their time wisely, and a great way of demonstrating this would be to arrive at the interview and the first day of your new job early. This shows how committed and eager you are.

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Leadership can be a difficult skill to show when starting as an apprentice. You may be viewed by many as the bottom of the metaphorical food chain. This doesn’t make it impossible, however. Taking ownership of the tasks you’re responsible for and doing them well can still show an employer your flair for leading. Why not try getting involved in team meetings too, as you’ll start to feel more confident discussing your ideas in front of a group of people – a great start to leading. An apprenticeship in management could be a perfect way to develop this skill.

Hard Skills

There are some specific hard skills which employers are looking for this year, which as you can imagine, are mostly technology-based as we move increasingly faster into an internet-crazed world. There are skills gaps in areas such as Graphic Design, Marketing and Management roles in a variety of industries. An excellent route to enter these careers is through an apprenticeship. Check out our vacancies here.

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