What Does a Business Admin Apprenticeship Involve

Posted by: Mia Lewis Post Date: 6th November 2015

If you have searched through our recent vacancies, you will have noticed lots of business admin apprenticeships available in lots of different companies. This is no coincidence.

Nearly every type of company of every size in the UK needs administrative staff to help with the smooth running of the business. People seem to think business admin revolves around endless stacks of paper, but business admin is an exciting qualification because of all the additional skills you can pick up.

With a Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration, you can take additional modules in topics like marketing, customer service, social media and team leading, which can help prepare you for a career in just about anything!

Here are some of the traits you will need working in admin, and transferable skills that will look great on your CV:


Are you known as the ‘organised one’ in your social circles? Or perhaps you like to keep lists, plan events, and make sure that shopping receipts are filed away? If you secretly enjoy all of this, then business admin may be your calling.

Every business needs that responsible someone who makes sure everything runs smoothly, with tasks such as filing, booking travel arrangements, and keeping an eye on an organisation’s financial activities. Without any administrators, a business will quickly be drowned in paperwork, and will start to fall apart!


Business admins play a key role in representing a business on a number of different levels. Often you will have duties working front of house, making clients or customers feel welcome, and giving a great first impression of the company.

You will also be answering customer queries over the phone, and redirecting calls to the right departments. Therefore, a business admin apprenticeship can hugely boost your customer service skills and business etiquette.

Business admin work can also improve your teamwork skills, as you will need to communicate and listen carefully to make sure tasks are carried out efficiently. You will also plan meetings with clients and co-workers, and (depending on the type of company) you could find yourself organising events or other fun activities.


You will have to be IT-savvy with admin work, as you could spend plenty of time preparing documents, sending emails, and inputting data into databases. You could also be updating diary systems, and keeping staff records up to date.

You may be required to think creatively about how you can use IT to help the company save time or organise tasks. Programs and apps such as Evernote and Trello may be essential for administration roles and organising the company in general.

Depending on the optional modules you take on your apprenticeship, you could also contribute to the digital marketing of the business, engaging an audience through social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.


Depending on the industry you choose, you may have to get used to the different issues, procedures and vocabulary that the industry uses. This means that you have to be flexible, and also a quick learner, to adapt to a business admin role.

Some business admin apprenticeship roles are focused on numbers and filing, whereas some may involve thinking more outside the box. But one of the biggest perks of business admin is that you can make the role your own, with a certain freedom in how you can assist the company.

In business admin, it largely depends on the individual to use their own skills, interests, and abilities to help the company reach its goals.

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