What Can You Do After an Apprenticeship?

Posted by: Mia Lewis Post Date: 6th September 2016

We’ve established in a previous blog post how an apprenticeship won’t trap you in a career for life, so what opportunities does it open up when you’ve finished?

Whether you’ve completed an intermediate, advanced, or higher apprenticeship, there are a host of options after completing an apprenticeship where you can put your new skills and experiences to great use, and further develop your career.

Here are some of your options:

Claim a permanent position

It is likely that after getting to know the company first hand on an apprenticeship, you will be offered a permanent position if you impressed in the role. Training apprentices has proved to be a very cost effective method for employers, and gives them the opportunity to instil apprentices with good habits that will benefit both themselves and the business.

Remember, there is no obligation for an employer to hire an apprentice full time, just as there isn’t an obligation for an apprentice to stay at the company after their apprenticeship. That means, after gaining some excellent experience and skills with the company, you have the freedom to pursue a role at a different company if you wish.

Find a new job or role

Just as you aren’t stuck in a career after an apprenticeship, you are not stuck in the same company either. You may be looking to branch out, and don’t be afraid to. Backed by workplace experience, there are many opportunities open to you. You can speak to your local job centre, or browse numerous job sites online, such as Indeed, Monster, or TotalJobs.

You may be happy in your role and looking to change company, but you may also be looking to try out a new role. Don’t be intimidated by making this change – if you have a real interest in this new position, you can rely on all the experience and transferable skills you will have gained on your apprenticeship to adapt. You will be surprised by how many employers recruit people for roles in that they have little experience in, as they will be able to demonstrate the skills and experience from other roles to help them settle in.

Go into Further Education

Once they graduate, university students cannot then do an apprenticeship, as they will not be applicable for government funding. However, a whole range of further education options are open to you after an apprenticeship, including university if you need it. Some careers explicitly need a degree if you are looking to change career. You will also have plenty of money to spend at university after earning and learning on your apprenticeship!

Having built yourself a solid foundation of skills and experience, backed up with an NVQ qualification, you can also progress onto an advanced and higher apprenticeship. These apprenticeship levels will involve more complex variety of skills, and also the knowledge to progress onto a team leader or supervisor position.

Remember, finishing an apprenticeship is only the start of your career, and there are many options available to you after gaining valuable skills, experience, and qualifications.

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