9 Unusual Apprenticeships

Posted by: Mia Lewis Post Date: 26th May 2016

We all want to be happy at work and find a job that suits us to a tee – but what if our interests lie slightly outside the box?

Luckily, the days of apprenticeships being ‘practical industries only’ are a thing of the past, meaning there are plenty of unique opportunities out there for anyone who wants to gain workplace experience.

Keep your eye out, and you’ll find plenty of unusual ones – here are a few you may not have heard of:


Worldwide bee colony numbers are dropping, which is not good news for all of us. Without bees and other pollinators, we would no longer be able to enjoy chocolate, coffee, or fruit. However, there are beekeeping apprenticeships available for those that wish to take some form of action, and aren’t afraid of taking a few stings along the way.

Fish Husbandry

The word ‘husbandry’ in this case has nothing to do with marriage – it’s actually another term for farming. With this apprenticeship, you will help to monitor and care for fish in settings like aquatics, fish farms, or public aquariums.

Aston Martin clay sculpting

This is a top-notch apprenticeship where you will join Aston Martin’s design department, and quite literally sculpt their future. You never know, the next 007 could be chasing down villains in a car you helped design!

Radio plugging

Help the next great artist get their big break with this advanced music apprenticeship. A radio plugger will contact and target national and regional stations to help get a new record noticed, and a good plugger may be the difference between a chart flop and a memorable chart hit.

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Instead of helping your dad cover up his embarrassing bald spot, this is one of a number of interesting apprenticeships at the Royal Opera House.  The apprenticeship in Wigs and Make Up will have you bringing some of the world’s biggest stage productions to vivid life, one hair at a time.

Studio and Postproduction

Not your traditional apprenticeship, this is a unique position for a particularly tech-savvy person at the University of Birmingham. You’ll have a chance to release your talent and creativity with video editing, video production, and recording. You’ll also be working in-studio and at different locations (including outside) using cameras, sound, and lighting in what is an exciting and practical role.

Space Engineering

In 2014, the National Space Academy launched their apprenticeship programmes in Space Engineering – in which learners will conduct flight tests, design spacecrafts, and help mankind exceed its limitations. In other words, it’s an experience that’s out of this world!

Diamond Mounting

If diamonds are your best friend, you could help create some stunning jewellery with this apprenticeship. As a diamond mounter, you will craft the parts of jewellery which the precious gems are then added to, meaning you’ll be working with gold, silver, and platinum on a daily basis.

Equine Dentistry

There is no worse pain than toothache, and even horses sometimes have problems with their gnashers. With an equine dentistry apprenticeship, you can become a top plaque buster, and get horses looking their best before they go to shows, events, and races… if that’s your kind of thing.

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