Am I Too Young to Start an Apprenticeship in Leadership and Management?

Posted by: Mia Lewis Post Date: 5th January 2018

What does a manager look like to you? If we were to stereotype a manager, you might suggest that they are fixated on completing box-ticking exercises, a male and at least in their mid-30’s. But regardless of what they look like, how do they get there? An apprenticeship in Leadership and Management is an ideal route for those searching for a career path in management, or simply looking to develop their leadership skills in their current role. A common question for those with the aspiration to lead, might be: “Am I too young to be a manager?”.

Experience > age

Am I too young for an apprenticeship in Leadership and Management

This is a difficult question to answer; often, it’s not about a person’s age at all, but rather the experience in management and in handling different situations they have gathered. Babington offer a range of Leadership and Management courses which are tailored specifically towards those with varied levels of experience. Therefore, the amount of experience you need to have will depend on which apprenticeship level you would like to do.

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Entry requirements for leadership and management qualifications

Since there are no formal entry requirements for the qualifications, a level 3 apprenticeship in Leadership and Management would be an ideal starting place for budding managers or for those with minimal experience in leadership but with an aptitude and thirst to progress. Not only will the programmes help you to guide a team more effectively, they will eventually cover topics such as managing overall business improvement.

Addressing the question of age, it would make sense for an individual to progress through the levels, which would naturally make senior managers older as they’ve spent the time gaining experience and moving up the ranks. We also have a natural tendency to look to our ‘elders’ for guidance – that’s been an instinctive response since we lived in caves – when the only people who survived into old age were the strongest and the best hunters. We do see strong level 5 leaders in their 20s though, so they don’t all have to be old and grey when they reach this level.

If you have a strong interest in a career in management, don’t put off starting your apprenticeship in Leadership and Management. Be a leader of tomorrow.

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