What Will I be Doing in a Social Media Apprenticeship?

Posted by: Andre Post Date: 4th September 2015

Apprenticeships are on the job training, which can allow you to qualify towards nearly any job role – from administrator to manager, accountant to beekeeper; the possibilities are endless!

Here at the Babington, we offer all kinds of apprenticeship courses for you to study: more recently, we have introduced courses in Social Media; allowing you to work within a business, operating on the Social Media platforms, among other areas of digital marketing.

This course will give you the practical skills and knowledge to achieve a Level 3 Diploma in Social Media for Business, which will be recognised in businesses across the country.

Social media is a booming industry: popular amongst all age groups, and more recently, a great way for businesses to showcase their products and services; reaching their customers and target audience on a real-time basis.

Working in a social media role involves more that just updating statuses, ‘liking’ posts, and sharing funny videos of cats – learn more about the tasks and duties involved, below:

Creating posts on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+

There may be other channels that you will work on, depending on the nature of the business, including Pinterest and Instagram.
On these sites, you will be expected to create engaging posts on a regular basis that will attract your target audience, use keywords to reach new customers, and promote the products or services of the company.

Learn about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and helping websites rank in sites such as Google

Ranking highly in search engines is vital for organisations to succeed in their sector, and compete with other companies in their industry. This can be done using paid advertising, or by completing certain tasks well – you will learn about both of these, and put them into practice in your role.

Content writing – creating blog posts or case studies, for example, to engage website visitors

Having great content on a website is an effective way for businesses to keep visitors to their website returning, or to attract new visitors. You will learn all about writing engaging content, optimising your posts, including keywords, and also about rules that you most adhere to when posting online.

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Create new pages, or update a current webpage with new information

When a company introduces a new product or service, or if the features of a current product or service changes, a new page on their website will need to be created, or the page currently set up for the product or service will need to be updated.

You will learn how to do this, seeing the company website with ‘backstage access’, and learning how to use a website host; such as WordPress.

Making sure visitors are getting the full user experience, and that all aspects of the site are user friendly

This is important to ensure that the steps taken to make a visitor to your site become a customer are as smooth as possible, with no complications. This could be things such as; ensuring that menus work efficiently on both desktop and mobile sites, buttons are clear and placed correctly for the user, and that all images or videos view or play clearly on mobile devices.

Learn about your target audience, and how to make posts and content that appeal to them

Knowing your customer is one of the most vital parts of business – knowing how to appeal to them, engage with them, and create content and posts that they can relate to, will ensure that they remain a returning customer, and choose your business over a competitor.

If this kind of role appeals to you, and you wish to learn how to complete the tasks above, amongst others, you can find more information about a course in Social Media here.

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