Alex’s Blog: Our visit to Parliament for Apprenticeship Week

Posted by: Andre Post Date: 23rd March 2016

On the 15th of March, myself and Sam Allsopp (Operations Director or Babington) were invited to the Houses of Parliament to celebrate National Apprenticeship week 2016. When we arrived we were greeted by Lyndsey McCurdy, who is the CEO and Ambassador of the European Alliance for apprenticeships. We also were greeted by Gordon Marsden (MP), the Shadow Minister for Further Education, which was a massive honour!

There were award winners from all over the UK that had been invited to also take part. Me, Sam, and the other visitors were sat in one of the many large board rooms in the House of Commons, where Lyndsey and Gordon congratulated us on the awards we won during the Apprenticeships 4 England awards. We all had a chance to introduce ourselves and our roles, and I managed to forget my own name and job role for the most awkward and daunting 5 seconds of my life. But I pulled myself together and I delivered my short speech.

Me, Gordon Marsden (MP), and Samantha Allsopp.

After getting to know one another we were led on a tour, where we learned some interesting facts about the history of the houses. My favourite fact was that the House of Commons Chamber – where MP’s host the live debates you can watch on TV – have a set of benches on either side that are 3 sword lengths apart. This is because back in the 1800’s when discussions became heated, swords were drawn, and the distance stopped a member from attacking the opposite side.

When we returned from our day trip to London it was back to reality. I spent the rest of Apprenticeship Week making banners and taking loads of photos of the different teams here at Babington, to promote the competition we had created. I also spent lots of time on the Instagram page making sure everything was eye catching and exciting for all our followers. I think I succeeded, as we now have over 700 followers after apprenticeship week! I am looking forward to reaching a 1000 followers, and to reach my target I will be thinking up some exciting social media strategies for the account.

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