Why NOW is the Best Time to Start an Apprenticeship

Posted by: Mia Lewis Post Date: 18th August 2016

Recent reports are showing a real shift in opinion when it comes to education and training options, with more and more people starting to favour apprenticeships as an option after they finish school.

An apprenticeship is beneficial for people with a certain learning style (which you can read more about here), but there are plenty more reasons why now is a great time to get started on an apprenticeship.

Apprentices can earn 270% more than uni graduates

As documented by Sky news, the current gap between the lifetime earnings of apprentices and university graduates is closing – fast! Apprentices in fields including arts, media and publishing are likely to outperform their graduate counterparts by up to 270%. The gap between earnings for university graduates and apprentices is now at 1.8%, and the skills and experience that apprentices will gain on their apprenticeship add real value and will boost their future earning potential.

You can start an apprenticeship at any time

Apprenticeship opportunities are available at any time of year. That means whether you’re working part-time, going through clearing, or have a new year’s resolution to start your career, there is an apprenticeship ready and waiting in a variety of sectors. Take a look through our current opportunities here to see what’s available.

The apprenticeship levy is on its way

Without going into too many complicated details, the levy is essentially a tax on big companies, and the money will be put towards making apprenticeships more beneficial for both companies and apprentices. This means that employers will want to make the most of this money, and use their funds to bring apprentices into their businesses – resulting in more opportunities at big companies such as Barclays, British Gas, and Carillion. Until the levy starts in April 2017, businesses get funding from the government to finance apprenticeships, so these businesses are now looking to make the most of this free funding while it’s still available, and employ as many apprentices as they can!

Employers are designing apprenticeship standards

As mentioned before, with more money being dedicated to developing apprenticeships from big businesses, they will also have a say in what is most important for the apprentice to learn. This will be very beneficial, as employers will oversee that apprentices are developing the transferable skills needed to thrive in the industry and workplace.

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There are apprenticeships in nearly every industry you can think of

Apprenticeships aren’t just relevant to practical industries – this is one of many apprenticeship myths. Apprenticeships are available in as much as 1500 job roles across more than 170 industries including accounting, business admin, and property services. As new job roles grow in popularity (such as social media and digital marketing) you can expect this number to rise in the near future.

Report suggests a third of uni students regret their decision

A study from Aviva found that over a third of university students regret attending university after amassing student debt. The report also found that 35% of graduates feel that their generation are completely priced out of the property market, and are seeking help from external sources (such as their parents) to help them. You can read more on the report here.

University fees are set to rise… again

Despite protests from educators and student bodies, government ministers are confirming plans to increase university fees above £9000 a year during the next academic year. This even includes students who are already on university courses   We’re all for people taking different career paths, but you have to make the decision – is the cost worth it?

Apprenticeships enable you to study up to degree level

Apprenticeships allow you to work your way up and gain qualifications all the way up to bachelor degree level and further. That means you can start as a relatively unexperienced learner, and grow in stature and skills with each year as an apprentice. Due to demand, degree apprenticeships are also growing – which will enable you to learn on the job while also completing a bachelor degree.

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