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Manager at desk
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Whether you’re a new Team Leader, a current Project Manager or have a wealth of experience in Operations Management, Management and Leadership apprenticeships are a fantastic way to gain the confidence, skills, qualifications and knowledge that you need to be successful within a management position.

Jonathan Horton from Daisy Corporate Services has recently completed Babington’s Operations Manager Level 5 qualification, which has been designed for those within middle management to develop skills in strategic planning and business process design, alongside core leadership abilities including delivering results and inspiring colleagues.

If you’re considering utilising a Management apprenticeship for your own personal development, read Jonathon’s management apprenticeship case study below.

Manager at desk
Do you feel that your learning programme has helped you to develop new skills and knowledge? How has this helped you to develop within your working role?

I believe that the programme will benefit me in my current and future roles. It has been a significant period of development over the previous period and I will certainly take away lots of skills that particularly surround the team engagement approach.

What has been your most memorable moment or greatest achievement to date? What positive impact has your learning programme had?

My most memorable moment must be how the programme has given me the confidence to add real value to the quarterly performance reviews. The feedback I have received from my team on the change in my approach as a result of this course has been outstanding!

Is there anyone that you would like to mention that has made your learning experience with Babington memorable?

Helen Percival has been fantastic throughout. I was so pleased that Helen was assigned as my mentor for this experience. She was new to Babington approximately January 2020 and gave the immediate impression that she had been in the role for years! It was noted by other Daisy students that they also wished Helen had been assigned to them also as her apparent eye to detail and “always-there” support was superb.

Is there anything else you would add about your apprenticeship learning experience with Babington?

This has been challenging. Not so much the course or the content but being able to dedicate the time that was required to complete the assignments and assessments. This occurred during a very busy period for me and I found it difficult to schedule alongside my existing workload. The Babington portal met my needs and delivered the required material. The standout element was without question, Helen. She has been fantastic throughout. She would be a fantastic asset to any organisation.

Would you recommend a management apprenticeship to others?

I would only recommend this to those who feel they can truly dedicate their time to the job. I know the company is meant to designate 20% of the employee’s time for the apprenticeship, but in practice, it doesn’t really work out quite that easily when the workload is high. Having completed it now though I can say that you do get a true feeling of having accomplished something.

Are you looking for the winning formula with your leadership career? Why not consider a Leadership and Management apprenticeship?

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