How Successful are Apprentice Chefs?

Posted by: Andre Post Date: 19th June 2015

When deciding on whether to do an apprenticeship or not, it is worth knowing just how successful apprenticeships are in the path that you wish to follow.

In many cases, doing an apprenticeship can be a far more valuable use of your time than other options, such as going to university.

If you dream of becoming a chef; making delicious dishes, creating and manipulating recipes, then this is no exception.

Time that you spend inside a kitchen, doing practical work, and learning all of the skills that you need to succeed ‘hands-on’ will be much more valuable than any time spent learning theoretically.

Where can I complete my apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships in food preparation and cooking can take place in a number of environments, including:

  • Pub
  • Restaurant
  • Cafe

What will I be learning?

The chef apprenticeship is made up of mandatory and optional units. Mandatory units are comprised of knowledge that all professional chefs need in any role, in any environment. The optional units that you choose will depend on both the needs of your employer, and your long-term career goals.

You will learn about; hygiene and safety, teamwork, how to store, prepare and cook food safely, and how to handle and maintain equipment.

Depending on your place of work, and your future interest in the industry, you could also learn about; preparing, cooking and finishing different food types, such as; vegetables, meat, fish, basic pastry products, and basic soups, creating healthier dishes, completing documentation, and ordering stock.

Where could a chef apprenticeship lead to?

The qualifications, skills and knowledge that you learn during your course will allow you to go on and work in any food preparation environment, including; hotels, restaurants, and catering companies. You could also go on to train further, and gain the next level of qualifications, thus enhancing your prospects.

Some of the countries most successful chefs started out in an apprenticeship position: Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver being examples of this.
Both started their careers in an apprenticeship position, and have gone on to write multiple cooking and recipe books, host a number of TV shows, and be recognised internationally for their skills and talent.

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