How Much do Business Admin Apprenticeships Pay?

Posted by: Andre Post Date: 6th August 2015

Minimum wage for business admin apprentices

As with all employment in the UK, apprenticeships are subject to a minimum wage. This means that regardless of who your employer is, you’ll always earn at least the minimum wage.

In April 2018, the apprentice minimum wage received an increase of 20 pence per hour, bringing the minimum wage for apprentices up to £3.70 per hour.

The minimum that you can be paid as an apprentice is the same across all industries and career pathways, so that an apprentice in Business Administration has the same minimum earnings as an apprentice in Engineering, Hairdressing, or any other field.

However, although the minimum wage is equivalent across the board, employers can choose to pay their apprentices whatever they wish, provided it is above the minimum threshold.

Working hours

Your earnings will also change depending on your hours – more hours will result in more pay.

Assuming you work a 30-hour week (to accommodate for off-the-job training) you would be expecting to earn a minimum of £111 per week, although if you worked a standard 37.5-hour week this would increase to £138.75.

Again, these are minimum values and it is entirely possible that you could earn significantly more.


The average business administration apprenticeship offers a rate of pay of around £130.68 for 36.5 hours work, or £3.58 per hour. Some business administration apprentices are even offered as much as £6.50 per hour, which works out to be £260 per week – nearly twice the national minimum wage.

As you get older the minimum wage increases, so you shouldn’t choose your career pathway solely based on the amount of money you can earn right now. You need to consider future earnings and career potential, and then decide which route and role is best for you.


Minimum – You will earn at least £3.70 per hour
Average – On average, you will earn around £4 per hour
Maximum – there is no maximum, and there are apprenticeships offering in excess of £6.00 per hour

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