Do Apprenticeships Have Exams?

Posted by: Mia Lewis Post Date: 15th February 2016

You may think by choosing an apprenticeship, you’ve found a brilliant way out of studying and exams. However, getting a qualification requires you to have plenty of knowledge about the sector – so employers will need to assess that you are good at the role!

Different kinds of apprenticeships also mean different kinds of exams: they can range from multiple choice, to practical assessments, to long and short answer tests.

Don’t worry though, you won’t be facing these challenges all on your own. During your apprenticeship, you will be provided with a tutor to support and guide you through every step, making sure you are exam and work ready.

Multiple choice tests

Some apprenticeships will test your knowledge with multiple choice style questions, which will examine how you respond in different situations.

An apprenticeship in Business Administration requires you to complete these exams, showing your knowledge of the responsibilities of an admin role. An advanced apprenticeship in admin could also test you on how you supervise others or implement change in a business.

A Customer Service apprenticeship will also require you to pass a multiple choice test at the end of each module, along with a set of written tasks that will analyse how you approach different situations with customers.

Two pathways in Financial Services also test you in a multiple choice exam. These are the certificate in Financial Administration – a starting point for you to become a fully qualified financial planner or advisor – and the certificate in insurance, in which you can eventually become a qualified claims handler and risk consultant.

Long and short answer tests

Your abilities will be put to the test with these exams, where you will answer questions on general topics and case studies.

The apprenticeship in Accounting is one of the most popular routes to becoming a fully-qualified AAT accountant. That means you will be faced with a exams on your bookkeeping and number knowledge. This may sound intimidating, but with an apprenticeship you will be doing these tasks every day – by exam time it will be easy as pie!

You will also be answering long and short answer questions for the financial services certificate in mortgage advice. This includes completing a 2 hour exam to achieve your hard-earned qualification, kick starting your career as a mortgage advisor.

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Practical assessment and portfolio

There are a number of qualifications that assess you without exams. Instead, you will be assessed on how you deal with day to day challenges, and the portfolio you have created for yourself since the beginning of the apprenticeship.

Hairdressing and barbering is a qualification in which you can show how you’ve developed since the start, building a portfolio for yourself to impress employers.

In the Hospitality sector (including professional chef apprenticeships) you will be assessed on the way you work and the portfolio you create (especially if you’re making mouth-watering meals!). However, you may also have to complete short knowledge-based tests on topics such as maintaining a safe and hygienic work environment.

In the Warehousing sector, you will be assessed purely on your work performance, including observations, discussions, and statements by your colleagues and managers.

Don’t worry!

Exams always sound more intimidating than the actually are. The minimum length of an apprenticeship is 12 months, and it’s also a great example of ‘learning by doing’, which means you will be very familiar with all the challenges and tasks in your role. By exam time, you’ll know everything about it!

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