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In 2021 Royal Mail launched a new apprenticeship scheme to help recruit the nation’s newest postal workers.

With the support of Babington, Royal Mail planned to bring in an abundance of fresh talent into the organisation as apprentices. Candidates will learn how to complete the day-to-day activities of a delivery person, together with online training sessions. All candidates who complete the programme will be offered permanent roles

The online training is delivered by Babington’s experienced trainers, harnessing the use of technology to support value-added learning. Upon completion, all apprentices will receive a Level 2 Express Delivery Operative qualification.

In the following video, Will, a Royal Mail apprentice, shares his experience so far, as an apprentice and why he thinks others should consider an apprenticeship as an option to start or progress their career.



The programme currently has an 85% customer satisfaction score. Below are some reviews from apprentices after their initial induction and first 4 months on the programme.

“A smooth start to the programme”

“A brilliant way for someone who has no experience or previous experience to better themselves within a job role or sector. I feel that it’s the start of something new for me and the start of my career”

“My skills coach has been very involved and interested in my progression, with both the programme and at Royal Mail. I feel she is exceptionally approachable and that any questions I have are only an email or phone call away. It has made me feel valued and that my role at Royal Mail is important, I feel very supported. Also, after one month, I feel that my maths and English have already improved with the online learning. I have also learned a great deal about how Royal Mail operate and their expectations through bud, whereas at Royal Mail I find the priority for my employer is to learn the job only, at this stage.”

“All personnel involved have been friendly and helpful. The Bud website is clean, easy to use, and straightforward. The online induction was very helpful, informative, and well-executed.”

“The Scheme so far has been brilliant!”

“My Skills Coach has been great with me and very accommodating as this is all new to me and I am still learning how to work alongside the classroom part of the apprenticeship.”

“The course has interesting content and gives plenty of information to learn! Also, my tutor is really knowledgeable and helpful.”

“My trainer is fantastic; he is very helpful and clearly works hard to ensure everything is good for us”

If you would like to find out more about the Express Delivery Operative qualification or any other of our many apprenticeship offerings, please click here.

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