AXA Insurance Learner Achieves Highest Score for Team Leader Level 3 EPA with Babington

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Charlotte (Lottie) Cranham, an Interim Product Owner at AXA Insurance, has recently completed the Team Leader Level 3 apprenticeship with Babington, achieving the highest score of any of our Team Leading learners in 2021!

Lottie scored 81 for her End Point Assessment, gaining this amazing result despite COVID, a house move and more! We couldn’t be prouder of her achievements and wish her all the best in the future.

Lottie’s Trainer, Liz Britton FCMI said:

“What a TREMENDOUS result! This is a wonderful achievement and a wholly appropriate reflection on Lottie’s leadership skills, behaviour, and knowledge. Very many congratulations, Lottie. This is an amazing outcome!”

Because of this incredible achievement, Lottie provided us with more detailed information about her experience during her Level 3 Team Leader apprenticeship.

Do you feel that your learning programme has helped you to develop new skills and knowledge? How has this helped you to develop within your working role? 

To begin with, I really struggled to find the value of the course, as I felt it was very coursework driven and churning out assignments (which had only completed my degree in Business and corporate finance a few years ago, I felt duplication of knowledge here). However, having Liz Britton become my trainer really improved my attitude and actually working on the assignments and reflecting on my role through these started to show the real value add, which was one, a good reflection on decisions and outcomes in my work and two, how I would maybe handle a situation differently.

What has been your most memorable moment or greatest achievement to date? What positive impact has your learning programme had?

Being asked to do a 6-week secondment as the Executive Assistant role to the AXA UK&I  CEO is probably one of my stand out moments for the year. This was a huge opportunity for me to showcase my skills, but also a moment for me to realise what I had already achieved to be thought of for this role by the CEO himself. This was a huge opportunity for me to showcase my skills and be recognised and trusted by the CEO. This gave me so much confidence to strive for more and show what I can achieve in my career.

The skills I have learnt during the course supported me to fulfil this role especially focusing on time management, sticking to deadlines and improving my written skills through assignments. I also think a key area that really helped me was highlighting individual’s roles in groups such as a shaper or decision-maker. These roles were all evident in the Senior Leadership team and therefore when working with them, I knew the best way to communicate with each person due to my knowledge of group behavioural aspects.

Another great achievement would be finishing this course with a distinction!

Is there anyone that you would like to mention that has made your learning experience with Babington memorable?

Liz Britton has been outstanding with me, as mentioned earlier I really struggled to connect to the course at the beginning but when Liz took over my training and we started having good discussions, I really started to see a difference. I needed the firm hand Liz gave me to help me stick to deadlines and improve my coursework with the knowledge I had. Not only this, but Liz consistently gave me confidence boosts and really got me believing in myself and my leadership capabilities. Liz made it okay to shout about great decisions and tasks that I had done and made me feel fantastic each hour that we had our catch-ups. Liz has been a fantastic trainer, tutor and confidant throughout and has made this course a great experience for me. The AXA support I have received has also been great, I was allowed the time I need to fulfil assignments or tasks. My manager at the time was incredibly supportive and really wanted me to thrive in this course and therefore offered any help I needed in balancing work and study.

Is there anything else you would add about your apprenticeship learning experience with Babington?

Reflecting back, I do think this has helped some of my decision-making skills, however, I think one of the key attributes for me is being able to utilise learnings in real practice and reflect on work scenarios within the work completed. The past 18 months have provided me with insights into my leadership skills and my decision-making process as well as additional skills which are invaluable in any leadership role. Also, it has given me the confidence to achieve outside my role and progress further in the company, which has led recently to a promotion.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to others?

I would recommend Babington and this course to anyone who is looking to advance their leadership skills, but they will need to be extremely self-motivated to stay on track! Time, engagement and commitment to the programme are essential as well as an understanding of how to compose and construct assignments and coursework. However, the skills I have learnt are a real benefit to my job and I am grateful I had the opportunity to complete this course.

Congratulations to Lottie for her incredible results from everyone at Babington!

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