Alex’s Blog: Responsibilities, Instagram, and Costumes!

Posted by: Andre Post Date: 27th May 2016

I am now three months into my apprenticeship, which means I have started my first unit of course work. It is genuinely not as hard as I thought it would be – but the most difficult part is trying to fit it around my everyday job! Particularly as I have had new responsibilities added to my role: one of my duties is to interact with potential learners or employers on our website chat.

I find the chat to be very rewarding as it gives me chance to help people like myself who are about to leave secondary school thinking “great, what am I going to do next?” Once I was also in the same situation, saying “What if I don’t get the grades I want? I don’t want to be running around without a job like a headless chicken!” However, that potential crisis was averted.

Thank Crunchie it's Friday!

On the live chat I am able to give advice and guidance by using my own personal journey. I never really enjoyed school, or college for that matter, so an apprenticeship made sense for me. I see myself as quite assertive, but I am also a people’s person, so having the live chat is great as I get to interact with a variety of people and personalities. I am also humoured by some of the colourful language some people have. I have learned a few new words like ‘bare’ – which means there is a lot of something – and ‘I’m comfy still’ – which means ‘I don’t require your assistance today Alex, but thank you’.

Two weeks ago I presented what I had been working on and what I am working towards in our meeting. I must admit I was nervous, even though I’m really comfortable within my team. I was happy to tell them I had reached 1000 followers in 4 weeks, and everyone was supportive of my progress. And I never choked on my words, which is a bonus!

Lucinda, our LMS administrator, and me.

On Instagram, my next target is to hit 2000 followers, and to make sure I’m keeping my audience engaged and informed by the posts I selectively put out. I’ve been analysing the account, and recognising that the posts that receive the best engagement are pictures and videos of the team and the shenanigans we get up to. Also ‘thought of the day’ quotes have been popular.

We’ve been rushed off our feet, but the team are really excited about Communications Day, which is just around the corner. ‘Comms day’ is for the whole business to get together and celebrate our achievements, while also putting on a show to represent what each team does. This year we are creating a short movie about our Leadership courses, with the theme of Lord of the Rings. Recently our outfits have been arriving, so we’ve all had a laugh trying them on. Some funny person decided I would make a great Gollum – they might just regret giving me such a big role.

Luke and Waqar plan the route to Mordor.

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