Why Become an Accountant?

Posted by: Andre Post Date: 29th July 2014

Accountants are an essential part of almost any organisation. They ensure that businesses are in compliance with financial legislation, and can even help to meet wider business goals. But there are many more reasons to pursue a career in accountancy, besides its being an indispensable profession. So, why become an accountant?

Travel the world

Accountants don’t always live up to the stereotype of sitting quietly behind the same desk every day.

Why Become an Accountant?

In fact, companies often send their accountants all over the world. Organisations with branches or subsidiaries abroad require someone to ensure they are meeting foreign financial legislation. You could also be required to make trade agreements, or oversee currency exchanges.

Some employers might even want you to experience accountancy in different locations so that you can bring home new strategies. This means you get to travel to exciting new countries, meeting new people, and learning new things. What could be better than that?

Experience different industries

Not all accountants work for firms, and the profession gives you the opportunity to work within almost any industry. You could be working with the accounts of famous actors and writers, producing financial evidence for criminal cases, helping small businesses to keep on top of their taxes, or guiding larger organisations towards financial success.

Accountancy allows you to combine your passion for numbers with other professional interests, and you could pretty much work within any industry you can imagine.

Become self-employed

Many people dream of being their own boss, perhaps working from home. While it is unlikely to happen in a lot of professions, it is a realistic prospect for accountants. Many organisations only require an accountant at particular times, meaning that you could have a range of clients. This allows you to dip into a variety of industries, making it unlikely you’ll ever get bored.

Receive great pay

If you’re still wondering, ‘why become an accountant?’, this is a tempting reason. Accountants require highly specialised knowledge and skills, and this is usually reflected in their salaries.

There is huge room for progression within accountancy, with roles ranging from Accounts Assistant to Chief Financial Officer (CFO). So, depending on your qualifications and experience, you could earn anything between £20,000 and £90,000.

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