The Most Interesting Accounting Jobs

Posted by: Andre Post Date: 24th July 2014

Somewhere along the line, accounting has gained a reputation for being less than exciting. In many minds, it conjures up the image of middle-aged men trying not to fall asleep behind their green eyeshades as they incessantly crunch numbers.

We’re here to show you how accounting can take you far from your desk, across the world and into some gripping situations. Take a look at some of the most interesting accounting jobs around. You can also find out about more general types of accounting roles here.

The Most Interesting Accounting Jobs

Forensic Accountant

Forensic accounting lets you whip out your financial magnifying glass to carry out intriguing detective work. Away from the stereotype of spending your days alone behind a desk, you will collaborate with professionals such as lawyers, the police, government agents, and insurers to get to the bottom of financial mysteries.

Your investigations will often provide evidence for legal disputes, and your testimonies will be relied upon in cases concerning crimes like fraud and tax evasion. You’ll need to be a natural problem solver, and have the ability to clearly communicate financial findings, as your work can lead to criminal charges.

International Accountant

International accounting lets you travel the world, experiencing the way things are done in different corners of the globe. Organisations require accountants to ensure that everything is ticking over in their branches abroad.

You might be ensuring compliance with foreign laws, supervising currency exchanges, and making trade agreements. You could even be discovering new financial strategies, learning intriguing new techniques and taking them home.

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Entertainment Accountant

Who said accounting can’t be glamorous? All kinds of industries need accountants, including the entertainment industry. You could become a driving force behind exciting projects, helping writers, actors, directors, and other creative figures turn artistic dreams into profitable realities.

You’ll become an expert on the financial issues affecting the industry, getting to know the ins and outs of what gets spent where on films, productions and broadcasts. You could even help big names avoid embarrassing tax scandals.

Environmental Accountant

Environmental accounting allows you to use your skills for the greater good.
Organisations are constantly having to meet steeper environmental targets, and you could be a big part in helping them reach their goals.

You’ll work out the costs of eco-friendly measures, and help ensure that enough money is being laid aside to make positive environmental changes. You’ll also form strategies to make sure these changes are made in the most cost-effective ways.

As an environmental accountant, you would contribute to both ecological and economic success in the long run.

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