How to Create a Sage Invoice Template

Posted by: Patricia Barlow Post Date: 4th June 2015

When sending out sales invoices from your Sage system, they need to be clear and understandable, as well as reflecting your business. By creating your invoices from a template already created by Sage, you know they will be laid out correctly; you just need to amend it to ensure it reflects your business. So, let’s take a look at how to how to create a Sage invoice template.

The basics of report designing

There are many templates already set up within Sage 50. To access these, go to the invoicing module and highlight an invoice already created. Then click print. If you choose layouts, there are many templates to choose from. Templates starting with “11”” are for a dot matrix printer. Any template starting with “A4” is for a basic A4 printer. It may be best to alter a template that starts with “Email”. This means the emailing options are already enabled, and you can still print them if you need to.

Sage templates

Highlight one of the templates and click edit. This opens the report designer screen. The first thing to do is to save the template as your own so that you do not overwrite the original. To do this go to file, save as.

To move any of the fields in the report, your cursor needs to be a four headed arrow. To resize any of the fields in the report, your cursor needs to be a two headed arrow.

Sage snip

You can add your company logo to the invoice by going to toolbox, add image/logo, as long as your logo is saved on your computer as a jpeg file.

Adding additional fields

If you need to add additional fields to the invoice, such as contact details or order numbers, you can do this by going to the variables pane.

Variables pane

The variables are the fields you require, and are all kept in folders. The folders are where you would find this information in Sage. For our example, this would be the sales ledger.

Sage variables

Remember, once you have finished your template, save it so you can access it.

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