How Much do Accountants Earn?

Posted by: Andre Post Date: 28th October 2014

So, you’re thinking about becoming an accountant. You’re great with numbers, and love analysing financial information. But before you start planning out your future career, you need to know how well you’ll be rewarded for you skill and efforts.

The good news is that accountants enjoy an enviable salary. We take a look at just how much you could earn, depending on your level of qualification and experience. So, just how much do accountants earn?


How Much do Accountants Earn?

According to the AAT salary survey, those who have completed the AAT qualification to achieve “affiliate membership” earn an average annual salary of £21,875. You could reach this level in as little as eighteen months with no previous qualifications, so this is a great starting point.

Full AAT members, who have gained relevant work experience, earn over £29,925. After five years of full membership, you are eligible to apply for fellow membership, after which the average salary is £38,225.

What does it take to become an accountant?

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If you move on to ACCA after AAT or A levels, you can achieve an impressive salary even sooner. While still studying the Fundamental units of the course, trainees earn around £19,300. Those who are part-qualified receive, on average, £25,800 per annum. As soon as you complete the full ACCA qualification, you could look forward to a salary of over £30,000, which is set to increase as you gain more experience.

Find out how long it’s likely to take to follow each of these routes here.


CIMA management accountants can look forward to great remuneration. Like AAT and ACCA, salary depends on what level of the qualification has been reached, and how much experience you’ve gained.

Salaries go up by around £2,000 on average for each level of the Professional part of the qualification you complete, reaching more than £37,000 after completion of the Strategic papers. For those who complete the full qualification by gaining at least three years’ worth of experience, income reaches approximately £40,500.

Associate Members enjoy a comfortable salary of £62,500. After three years’ senior, strategic or technical experience, you can go on to join the ranks of CIMA fellow members, who receive a whopping £116,770 each year.

That’s a lot of figures to take in (which, naturally, you’ll have no trouble with!), but they all show how financially rewarding a career in accounting can be. So what are you waiting for? Start your journey towards an impressive salary by viewing our accounting courses. You can also kick start your career by gaining workplace experience on an apprenticeship.

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