AAT Exam Revision Tips

Posted by: Patricia Barlow Post Date: 10th April 2014

The AAT qualifications are assessed via computer-based exams. These will either be computer-based tests, or computer-based projects.

After completing each AAT exam, you will either be graded as ‘competent’ (if you have achieved a mark of over 70%), or ‘not yet competent’ (if you have achieved a mark of less than 70%).

Computer-based tests

AAT Exam Revision Tips
  • Results are available straight away for Levels 2 and 3
  • Level 4 results are available within 6 weeks

The feedback sheets that are printed after the exam give a mark for each section in the exam. The mark is either:

  • Exceeded – only available if the question is more than 10 marks
  • Met – achieved at least 70%
  • Borderline – not quite achieved 70%
  • Below requirement – have not achieved enough to pass the section
  • Significantly below requirement – have not understood the question

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Computer-based projects

These are assessed by your tutor and the results can be found on your AAT account after they have been verified. This process can take up to 6 weeks.

Getting ready for your AAT exam

To ensure that you are ready for your exams, you need to make sure that you have covered all of the assessment criteria, completed all of the workbook questions, and been onto the AAT website and completed all of the AAT exam practice assessments.

The answers are available on the AAT website, so that you can check your own competency.

It is always hard to start studying for an exam, but our top tips are:

  • Set yourself some time to complete your studies, and stick to this plan. Get into a routine of studying – even make yourself a timetable
  • Study in short bursts, whenever you get free time e.g. on the bus, during your lunch break
  • Ask your tutor if you are unsure of any topics
  • Don’t get distracted! Put your phone away, stay away from Facebook, turn off the TV, and don’t even think of cleaning up as a method of procrastination!

To sit the AAT exam, you need to be registered with AAT. This can be done on the AAT website.

What you will need to bring to the exams

  • A calculator (not one on your phone!)
  • A pen (and a spare, just to be safe)
  • Identification
  • Money to pay (if required)
  • AAT identification number

Always try your best, and good luck! If you’re looking to continue studying further AAT units or accounting qualifications after your exams, get in touch with a course advisor below.

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