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Carole Carson & Justin Rix

Babington Group Partners with Grant Thornton

Babington Group has formed a new partnership with leading financial adviser Grant Thornton UK LLP.
Through the partnership, we will […]

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Freedom of speech in the workplace

Freedom of Speech in the Workplace: A Leader’s Approach

One of the basic tenets of freedom and a fundamental building block of democracy is that of ‘free speech’. […]

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Introvert and extrovert leadership

Introvert and Extrovert Leadership: Why Neither Wins

A lot has been written recently, particularly in the USA, suggesting that introverts might be more suited to leadership […]

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apprenticeship open days in august

Apprenticeship Open Days in August

85% of school leavers that attended one of Babington’s open days have gone on to start an apprenticeship, so […]

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Apprenticeship Open Day in Birmingham

Apprenticeship Open Day in Birmingham

Want to find out what an apprenticeship is all about?
Join our apprenticeship open day at Babington’s Birmingham centre, and […]

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Inventory accounting: stock valuation methods for raw materials

Inventory Valuation Methods for Raw Materials

When working on inventory valuation, you need to establish:

The cost of the raw materials issued to production and;
The value […]

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Employee engagement communications strategy

What’s Your Employee Engagement Communications Strategy?

Quite recently, I was part of a discussion with several of my colleagues in the Engagement Task Force about […]

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Emma Yorke

Babington Welcomes Chief Operating Officer Emma Yorke

We’re excited to introduce Babington’s new Chief Operating Officer (COO), Emma Yorke.
As COO, Emma will develop key delivery areas […]

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