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After Your GCSEs

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So your GCSEs are finished – congratulations! But what now?

This is an exciting time with plenty of options ahead. Finishing your GCSEs means you’re free to leave school, but laws were put in place in 2015 that mean you will need to be in full-time education up until the age of 18. That means that after your GCSEs, your options include:

  • Sixth form or college
  • Work or volunteering while in part-time education
  • An apprenticeship or traineeship

Here at Babington we offer alternative routes to college that will enhance your earning potential with work experience. Although you might have heard lots about going on to study further, let’s take a look at these options…


Have you thought about an apprenticeship after your GCSEs?

An apprenticeship has the benefits of both further education and work experience. While learning skills on the job with help with an experienced team, you will also be able to back up the knowledge with a qualification. We can help you find a suitable workplace to gain some valuable experiences and really get your career started.

We know going from GCSEs straight into the workplace can be intimidating, so we will help you through the process and lay down the foundations you need to get comfortable in your new role.

An apprenticeship lasts 12 months, and you will benefit by getting advice and guidance from your tutors and new colleagues. You will be working for weekly wages (as much as £250 a week) while achieving a qualification, which gives future employers proof that you have the skills needed to thrive in your role. There’s also no better satisfaction than completing your qualifications with a graduation ceremony! 

No matter which career path, an apprenticeship can help you get where you want to be. Check out our available opportunities here.

Wondering what apprenticeship would suit you?

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Starting a traineeship after your GCSEs

Looking for a taste of the workplace, while also boosting your maths, English, and interview skills? A traineeship may be an ideal pathway following your GCSEs, as it will provide you with an 8-16 week programme to make sure you’re work-ready.

A traineeship can take place in a variety of different industries, from childcare and finance to radio and gardening. It will give you the opportunity to get your foot in the door and make an impression on your employer, while also learning from the experience.

Take a look at the traineeships we offer by clicking here.



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