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What will I be doing?

The level 3 retail management apprenticeship is suitable for anyone looking to take the next step up in the retail industry, with on the job training for you to fit a supervisory role.

The qualification will provide knowledge, experience and a thorough understanding in key areas of retail, as well as how to manage and set objectives for a team.

The qualification will take place in a typical retail setting such as a shop or department store, where you will learn first-hand about the challenges and rewards of taking charge of a retail team.

In this role, you will take on significant duties such as:

  • Planning, allocating and monitoring the work of a team
  • Working alongside colleagues to improve the delivery of customer service
  • Setting objectives and providing support for team members
  • Managing conflict within a team
  • Producing staff schedules to help the team achieve its targets
  • Understanding the retail selling process

There is also a degree of flexibility in this role, as you will have optional modules for topics such as motivating colleagues to promote web-based facilities to customers, and understanding the management of stock in a retail business.

What qualifications will I achieve?

On completion of this apprenticeship, you will achieve a level 3 diploma in either Sales or Customer Service depending on the type of working environment you will be entering. If required, you can also take level 2 Functional Skills in maths and English.

The qualification continues on from the foundation of knowledge you will have learned on the level 2 apprenticeship, giving you substantial training to become an asset to any business in the industry.

What are the entry requirements?

There are no formal requirements to apply for Retail Skills Level 3.

However, the apprenticeship will be involved in managing and supervising staff, therefore the qualification requires more extensive knowledge of the industry. This could mean that you are already in a management position, or have at least a year’s worth of experience and knowledge from the level 2 apprenticeship, but this depends on the choices of the employer.

What can I do afterwards?

Retail level 3 is designed to suit roles such as a retail supervisor or team leader, department manager or store manager.

The course will allow you to become a well-rounded manager and employee, and you will have gained a number of transferable skills that you can use to help build a successful career.

Upon completion, you may wish to develop your management skills further by enrolling onto Management Level 4.

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