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Ready for the next step?

A-Level: 13th August 2020 | GCSE: 20th August 2020

Results Day 2020 is fast approaching. As thousands of students across the country prepare to receive their results, Babington are on hand to help you decide what to do next. You have a wide range of options available after Results Day, and our job is to make sure you pick the right path for you.

Career Advice

Portfolio Building 

Interview Prep


Apprenticeships are the combination of employment and training where you will receive training and mentoring to develop your knowledge expected within your job role well as carrying out a job to help you develop your skills in the workplace. An Apprenticeship can either be at an intermediate level, an advanced level or a higher level and give aspiring professionals the real-world experience they need to get the edge in the job market, showing employers that you can hit the ground running! For those who are motivated to get started in the job market, an apprenticeship is an excellent way of gaining essential experience and a recognised qualification.

Apprenticeships are structured around the standards that employers expect all apprentices to achieve. These contain the knowledge, skills and behaviours that employer of all sizes have agreed at the standards expected of apprentices working in specific job roles.  Your employer will give you work-based experience in the area you have chosen and will support you in developing your skills and behaviours within the workplace.

We will support both you and your employer in gaining the knowledge required with a dedicated mentor supporting you regularly at work and for some of our specialist programmes you may be required to attend your local Babington centre, joining with other apprentices studying for the underpinning knowledge you need to know to work in your chosen area.

Functional Skills

Every Apprenticeship requires you to have or obtain functional and essential skills in order to carry out your role efficiently. These are transferable skills that can be used in any job and industry. Most apprenticeship roles within a company will require the basic functional skills in English and maths. These are all qualifications that can be obtained while completing your apprenticeship. If similar qualifications have already been achieved then it could mean that you are exempt from sitting these functional skills. These will each be checked at the beginning of your apprenticeship. As part of the apprenticeship, we will also help you explore your strengths in leadership, communication and confidence.


Take a virtual tour around our Birmingham Centre! During your apprenticeship, you will come to your local centre, along with other learners, to build on exciting new skills and knowledge with your specialist trainer.