Leadership & Management Level 4 Apprenticeship

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What will I be doing?

The ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) is the UK’s leading provider of leadership, coaching, and management training and qualifications. In the qualification, you will cover the essential topics needed to become a top manager and will incorporate them into your day to day role during the apprenticeship.

The apprenticeship will provide a thorough and detailed approach to building and develop skills such as communication, team work, interpersonal skills, and the ability to manage both your own and your employees’ professional development.

The qualification will broaden the knowledge and skills required to take on higher level responsibilities such as planning and implementing change within a business, alongside responsibilities such as:

  • Planning and leading complex team activities
  • Understanding and developing workplace relationships
  • Delegating authority in the workplace
  • Understanding financial management
  • Developing a work culture to support innovation and improvement

The apprenticeship should take approximately 24 months for an average learner to complete. However, if you already have evidence or experience in this area, it may take less time.

What qualifications will I achieve?

On completion of this apprenticeship, you will achieve a level 4 ILM Diploma in Management, alongside and a level 4 ILM Diploma in Principles of Leadership and Management.

What are the entry requirements?

No formal qualifications are required, but you are expected to have some previous management experience. The diploma is ideal for managers who are moving into a middle management position, and have previous completed an intermediate and advanced management apprenticeship.

What can I do afterwards?

Upon completion of the ILM level 4 management apprenticeship, you will be capable of taking on the responsibilities of a junior manager. You will also have the opportunity to continue your development towards the level 5 apprenticeship, preparing you for an even more advanced role in management.

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