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Do you want to help communities and enrich lives? Then a health and social care apprenticeship could be the right path for you.

Gaining a qualification in Health and Social Care is a rewarding experience in which you can improve the everyday lives of others. This role may involve caring for children, the disabled, the elderly or people with learning disabilities. If you’re looking for priceless qualifications to kick start your career in this sector, or looking for further experience, there is no better place to start.

Take a look at the apprenticeship levels we offer:

Choosing your Health & Social Care Apprenticeship

Learn what level would be suitable for you.

Health and Social Care Level 2

Health and Social Care Level 3

Health and Social Care Level 5

Babington offers guidance all the way through your career as an apprentice, giving you the chance to progress from a care assistant to a residential care home manager.

Health and social care usually takes place in people’s homes, in care homes, or out in the community, and can include a huge range of duties, from taking clients on days out to providing a trusted, confidential ear when they have concerns.

Find out more about what it takes to be a care worker, and what the work involves right here.

An apprenticeship also gives you the option of working towards maths and English qualifications, resulting in you being a more employable, work-ready individual.

For more information, or if these qualifications appeal to you, get in touch with us below, or speak to our advisors on 01332 613688.

Enter your details and we’ll get in touch, alternatively, you can call us on

01332 613 688

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