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An apprenticeship is, in essence, an on-the-job training programme designed to help young people get on the career ladder within the industry of their choice.

At the end of the apprenticeship, your son or daughter will gain a recognised qualification in their chosen industry, and an invitation to attend our annual graduation ceremony.

Relevant work experience is considered a necessity for employers today. Combined with the rise in tuition fees, apprenticeships are an appealing option for school leavers to kick start their career. Where colleges and universities place a heavy focus on academic skills and mindset, an apprenticeship offers all the responsibilities of a real job alongside training and nationally recognised qualifications.

Apprentices are paid a salary as they receive hands-on experience, allowing them to gain financial independence and essential life skills.

Some key facts about apprenticeships:

Apprentices earn a wage and the employer pays for their training

Higher-level apprentices could earn £150,000 more on average over their lifetime, compared to those with Level 3 vocational qualifications

Over 90% of apprentices currently go into work or further training

Nearly all apprentices feel that they acquire or improve their skills as a direct result of their apprenticeship

There were over 1,670 degree level apprenticeship starts in 2016 to 2017, including foundation degrees, HNDs and full honours degrees.

Nearly a fifth (19%) of advanced apprentices progress to university following their apprenticeship, meaning it won’t restrict their career pathways.

What qualifications can they gain?

Apprenticeships can offer your child a wealth of different qualifications and training, from accounting to project management. Take a look at our range of apprenticeships here.

Apprenticeships offer nationally recognised qualifications with accredited awarding bodies such as AAT, or CMI.

A Level 2 apprenticeship is the equivalent of five GCSEs, and a Level 3 apprenticeship is the equivalent to two A Levels, whereas a Level 4 (Higher) qualification will be the equivalent of a foundation degree. Level 2 and 3 apprenticeships usually last around 12 months but may last longer depending on the employer and the level of qualification they will be working towards. Higher level apprenticeships can last anywhere from three to four years.

Where an apprentice hasn’t quite reached Level 2 in English and Maths, we will offer extra support to get them at the required level to pass their apprenticeship.

Will they get a job at the end of their apprenticeship?

Whilst there is no guarantee of a job after an apprenticeship, the figures are extremely encouraging. 90% of apprentices stay in employment, while 71% stay in full time employment with the same company they apprenticed with.

Apprenticeships provide excellent career progression opportunities. Those who start on Level 2 programmes often progress onto Level 3, and afterwards Level 4 apprenticeships, typically with the same employer. This means your son or daughter could start on the apprenticeship route as a school leaver, and within a few years come out as a highly qualified and experienced professional.

Gaining relevant skills, experience, qualifications and business etiquette in an industry setting is a great way to impress future employers.

How much will they be paid?

An apprentice is paid a wage, so they don’t have to worry about paying back any tuition fees or student loans. The National Minimum Wage for apprentices between 16-19 (or anyone in their first year of an apprenticeship) is £3.70 per hour. All other apprentices are entitled to the standard National Minimum Wage for their age.

Level 2 apprenticeships often pay between £120 and £130 per week, but many employers choose to pay more than this. Level 3 and 4 apprenticeships usually pay more, and employers often increase wages in line with skills and experience.

Will my son/daughter be supported during their apprenticeship?

We take your child’s safety at work extremely seriously. Employers are carefully vetted and health and safety checked before an apprentice starts their apprenticeship.

Our apprentices are assigned a tutor who will assess and support them during their apprenticeship. Our dedicated Safeguarding team are there to help with any workplace issues to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your child.

How does my son/daughter apply for an apprenticeship?

We don’t have term times and we enrol all year round. So as long as your son or daughter is aged 16 or over, they can apply for an apprenticeship vacancy.

Our apprenticeships are advertised on our website, and our friendly Recruitment Consultants are always at the end of the phone to match your son or daughter to their ideal employer.

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